Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Police shooting of unarmed Black men again and again,have become the norm in America.The amount White officers who have killed dozens of unarmed Black Americans is disgusting.Justice for the Black victims of excessive force by White officers is rarely achieved.The value of a Black man's life in America is worthless due to "White Supremacy" & "Systemic Racism".White people in America don't get killed by White police officers when they're unarmed,even if they have committed mass murder,why?Because they're White that's why.America is a power keg with a short fuse.Being Black in America is dangerous,we have killers in law enforcement.Who execute young Black men & women with no remorse.This is not going to stop until the so called good police do something about the bad police,The infiltration of "White Supremacy" in law enforment is a major issue that's not being addressed. To them"Black Lives" don't just matter,we have the right to live without fear of being killed for something as simple as a traffic stop,just as White Americans do.Black leadership must do more to prevent further murder of Black Americans by White law enforcement.Not just Rev A.Sharpton and a few Black attorneys who represent the families of the victims.Where are the pastors of these mega churches,it's time for them to step up for justice for Black Americans.Local Black elected politicians your "MIA".Time to step out of your comfort zone for the lives of Black Americans.Maybe your afraid of being killed yourself.You can run but you can't hide.It's amazing how at the funerals of Black victims of murder by White law enforcement,seems to be attended by Black Activist such as "BLM" and others fighting for change.Civil unrest occurs always after a murder of a unarmed Black American.Most of White America could careless about the murder of unarmed Black Americans as long as it's not affecting them.Time to become committed to saving Black lives,America's leadreship must do more to protect the live of it's Black citizens.Federal intervention is way over do,because state governments have failed to address the issue of "Black Lives Matter".Time for those in power in America to put some skin in the game.Black Americans have earned the right not to live in fear nor to continually be oppressed by White Supremacy.Black Americans have come from slavery,have gone the extra miles to become productive citizens,even President & Vice President of America.That's what drives the hate & fear of White Supremacy in America and it's greed for power and money.So as many of us that can be killed like public lynchings the better they feel about holding on to the insane belief ,that they are superior.So why do "They Keep Killings Us",America is not doing enough to stop it.A vaccince was created in less than a year to fight COVID-19 in America.America needs to creat a vaccine to stop the killing of unarmed Black citizens by White law enforcement.Time for zero tolerance.... "Enough Is Enough No Violence Know Peace

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