Sunday, November 13, 2016


For 8yrs racist in America chanted we want our country back,now that there's a new President elect about to take office.Racist believe they will have their wish,really?Racist have you forgotten that your European ancestors invaded this land you call yours. Obviously you have.This country was built on the backs of slaves,by their labor,blood,sweat & tears.How dare you claim a country that never was yours,nor built by you.Your savage,satanic mindset gives you this false sense of entitlement because of your colorless skin.You have used God's word by perverting it for your own gain.Now you believe you are the  ones who will "Reign in America" because of the 2016 Presidential results. You've already started your cowardly attacks on people who you believe are beneath you.Yes I said "Cowardly",cause some of you are still hiding under sheets.America isn't going to allow you to invoke fear in them.Yes the election exposed how divided America is,who do you think benefited more from this.Rest assure not you Racist cowards,you been exposed.We know who a lot of your are now.You let your hateful mindset consume you so that you let us see who you really are.The President elect counted on your hateful minds for him to win the election,actually he used you for a agenda that doesn't even include most of you.Your going to be used as a distraction,meanwhile gaining nothing to improve your own well being. Your going to be eaten like certain breeds of animals who eat their own.We the people of all cultures & religions will not be bullied nor terrorized by you.We will stand up for what is right,yes didn't you see this coming.Blacks sure as hell aren't afraid of you,"Unity" is spreading like a wild fire.You want a race war that's not going to happen,we can defeat you by using your own hate against you.So Celebrate for the moment,cause it's not going  to last very long.Even "Hitler's Reign" eventually fell,your " Racist Reign "will be short lived.Because the citizens of America will not allow you to intimidate nor surrender their freedoms as a people.How dare you believe a Racist America is Great America,only a insane fool would believe such nonsense.Allowing you to turn this Great country into what you believe is right because of your colorless skin.Is the Greatest lie you have chosen to believe.Now Mr. & Mrs. Reckneck prepare to reap what you've sown......No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


As Black man I must vote in-spite of my view of the candidates for President of the U.S..I vote in honor of those who stood their ground against racism & oppression.Black men & women committed for the right to vote.Many jailed,beaten even some killed,still in-spite of the odds they faced.Nothing was going to stop their determination for the right to vote.I watched as a youngster back the 60's as Black folk held the line and refused to be turned around.Facing America's most brutal racist oppressors.Black leadership was strong then,courageous & committed,Black folk had "Enough" of being denied the same rights of White folks,especially in southern states.My eyes widen by the viciousness displayed by bigoted,hate filled racist.What I witnessed will forever be etched in my mind,the victory and the blood that was shed to achieve it.Yes today I vote out of respect to the Black men & women who if not for their diligence,I would not be able to vote today.To me voting is about honor & Black pride,leading by example for my children &grandchildren.Yes the candidates all promise better times for Black folks once elected.Which is only said to gain Black votes.I'm not naive about elections,I know that it takes Black folks with mindsets like those of the 60's to bring about real change for Blacks in America.Still though in-spite myself,I will vote.Not voting to me,is like having blood on my hands,the blood of those who made it possible for me to vote.I vote today so that I will know their efforts were not in vain....No Violence-Know Peace!