Saturday, February 26, 2011


Single fathers in the community don't receive a lot of recognition,due to the fact that they are out numbered by the rate of absent fathers.The community focuses on the troubled youth who are fatherless,for various reasons.The impact a single father can have on the community is by leading by example,so that other fathers who need to step up to the plate for their own children,perhaps will be inspired by the commitment they see in the single father to his children.Hopefully they'll catch on.Single fathers give their children structure and prepare them for the world outside the home,they teach their young,how not to become a victim of the negative influences in the community,such as gangs ,drugs & sexual predators,or not to become menaces to society.Single fathers can talk to other fathers about the importance of being tn their child's life on a full time basis.From my own experience,I have received respect from youth in the community,who appear to want their own fathers in their lives.Being a single father is essential these days,when the mother is absent from their children's lives,We must all do what is needed to Save Our Children..........NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Youth who come from dysfunctional homes are easy targets to be recruited by "GANGS" in their communities.Youth tend to believe in the false sense of security offered by "GANGS".Youth who generally are not being loved & nurtured at home,tend to look for love in all the wrong places,which in todays society leads to joining "GANGS".Most of these youth are fatherless and have no male adult figure in their life to give them positive structure to live by.Most of all youth in" GANGS" have this in common! Once these youth are recruited by seasoned "GANG"members,they have to make their bones,by either harming or even killing a individual in order to be worthy to be a "GANG"member,they will be taught "GANG" language & signs,introduced to drugs,guns,and all the negativity that "GANGS"offer,including money from ill-gotten gains.Most of these youth have several siblings at home & live in low income homes,this makes the money made from drugs very attractive.Seasoned members will make the new member feel like family by manipulation,when in reality the new member is being used.By time the new member realizes what they have gotten themselves into its generally its too late to turn back,which results in going to prison or death! Youth who consider a "GANG"as family,really want a family at home,Unfortunately there's a lot of homes lacking the structure to prevent our youth from joining gangs.Our youth need to be given better options,the question is HOW?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As a parent in todays society,parenting skills are a must.This is in order to raise a child with a healthy,loving & nurturing mindset.Parents need to teach their children the value of life,self love,self respect & self pride.Give their children spiritual morals,protect them from negative influences.Such as monitoring what music they listen too,what they watch on TV or video and what they do on the internet.What kind of friends they have.Parents can lead by example,if a parent tells their children not to use drugs,then the parent shouldn't use drugs, especially not in front of their children.Teach the importance of education,how to be a leader not a follower.Parents should let their children know that they can talk to their parents about anything no matter what it may be.Parents should spend quality time with their children in order to build a strong relationship.Never give a child responsibilities meant for an adult,such as raising siblings,this can cause rebellion and other issues.Patience is needed with all children, in order for a child to learn what is taught them.Children today need to know that they can count on their parents to be there for them..............NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!