Monday, April 28, 2014


Remember when Malcolm X stated "By Any Means Necessary",we were Lionhearted.When Muhammad Ali gave up his Championship title and went to jail,for refusing to go to Vietnam,we were Lionhearted.When Nelson Mandela lead the ANC for freedom against Apartheid,spending 28yrs in prison for his people.We were Lionhearted.When Dr.King and the men & women who stood with him Marched in Birmingham,marchers were beaten,attacked by dogs,arrested and lives were lost,we were Lionhearted.When Eartha Kitt quoted "The White House, 1968: "I am a mother and I know the feeling of having a baby come out of my gut. I have a baby and then you send him off to war. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.",we were Lionhearted.When James Brown recorded the song "I'm Black and I'm Proud",we were Lionhearted.When Harriet Tubman lead slaves to "Freedom",we were Lionhearted.When Tommie Smith & John Carlos  raised Black fist at the 1968 Olympics in protest for "Human Rights",we were Lionhearted.When Nat Turner lead the slave rebellion,we were Lionhearted.These were people with courage & fearless agendas against a system that treated them less than equal.
What have we learned from our predecessors,they lead by example.Showed us the meaning of courage & sacrifice for what is right.Taught us how to be fearless against all odds.Left us blueprints of how to get what we want and need as people of color.If not for them and other men & women where would we be today.There was a time when it was,"one for all & all for one".We had Unity in our communities,lead by Freedom Fighters like the Black Panthers.Even the Hoodlums & Gangsters kept order in the streets of our communities,rules for safe passage.No selling drugs to kids or using them to sell drugs.Putting a gun in a youth's hand was unheard of.
Now look at us today,afraid to be fearless,lacking courage to be Lionhearted.Refusing to Stand Up for ourselves,making excuses,selfish.It's no wonder why our children don't want to hear what we have to say.They're watching us do nothing about our conditions,not addressing blatant racism in the way that we should.Because some of us are afraid of falling out of grace with white supremacy.Cities where the youth & young adults daily death toll is higher than war in some foreign countries.While we stand by and watch it happen.

What has happen to self love and love for our culture?Have we given up?Believe it or not,if we surrender to the fact,it's time act now and do something different we win.If we want better then we must do better.The question is though,do we want better.If the answer is yes,then we must be "Lionhearted" by way of courage & sacrifice.....No Violence-Know Peace!