Friday, August 19, 2011


In our neighborhoods we have allowed ourselves to be defined by what we call our communities.We need to start promoting positive language in our communities.As adults,parents & neighbors its up to us to improve the quality of our neighborhood,especially how we speak of it and the terms we use to describe where we live.Its time to bring back pride into our neighborhoods.This is done by not accepting the term "hood" be used to describe our communities.Yes we have the element of troubled youth & young adults in our neighborhoods,still that doesn't justify us labeling our communities as hoods.I believe small changes such as this will bring about change in our communities.I know at one time most neighborhoods were thriving,today with economic hardships,gun violence & unemployment,people are depressed,stressed out ,angry & without hope.The willingness to make a difference is not a priority for some.So that leaves the rest of us who are willing to lead by example.It really isn't difficult at all.It's our neighborhoods,lets start by being neighborly in our "NEIGHBORHOODS",this is simple stuff.I believe if we speak it enough,it will come to pass..............NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!