Friday, September 7, 2012


I was inspired to write this blog after listening to President Obama accept his nomination for reelection this past November 2012.
This blog is not to meant offend anyone,who is not a Black American.
Hopefully it will inspire others who are not Black Americans,and need a "Wake Up"!

Black Americans this is our time,we've had 6yrs to catch on to the fact that this is "Our Time".
Lets not blow it!It's time to free ourselves from ourselves. We've been waiting far too long for the opportunity we now have.We must capitalize on President Obama being in the "White House".We've been praying and asking God to help us,well God has delivered.Now it's up to us to not take God's Grace & Mercy for granted.It's time to better educate ourselves and better educate our children,The first family is living in the house,they said we would never occupy.It's the proof of what we can do as Black Americans.There are no more excuses we can make for our conditions.We now have a leader who when he speaks is telling us how to lift up ourselves to the level we need to be.Yes he is the President of the USA,not the president of Black America.Still we can achieve what others believe we can't.Black men it's time to change our mindsets about ourselves,our children & Black women.Black woman its time to change your mindset about your children & Black men.Black family values & unity,must be a priority.It's time to stop being led astray by false prophets on Sunday morning.God is watching and waiting for us to catch on to the fact that if we really want change,that change begins with us.God has more patience than we could ever imagine.How much longer shall we choose to procrastinate and believe someone else is going to do it for us.Our Troubled youth & young adults are being led to the grave & prison by those who know,that this is "Our Time".Our children's education is being sabotaged by those who know that education is the key to our "Rise"as Black Americans.Education will bring us where we need to be economically.Our spirituality needs a major overhaul.Some of us are giving their money to Churches instead of investing in their community.This type of foolishness needs to stop.One of the reasons we don't have as many black owned businesses as we should, is because we're not investing in our communities.Instead we have allowed others to profit in our communities,we don't have to stand for nor go along with it.This mindset of every bodies angry at each needs to stop,instead lets begin the healing process of ourselves.We are the only race that's stingy with each other,The more we share,the more we Rise."Our Time" maybe the only chance get to "Rise" as a people. Self help is the best help.Our Rise is not to oppress others,it's to bring us to the level we can and need to be as Black Americans in America.
No Violence-Know Peace!