Monday, March 28, 2011


Some of todays music does promote violence,most of those who use lyrics about "GUNS" in their music,generally are the same artists who are arrested for "GUN" possession. Violent lyrics in music,means big business for most record labels promoting Hip Hop artists,who's lyrics promote violence.Our youth & young adults today are disillusioned by what they hear in music,that glorifies violence and going to prison.Most of the artists have never been shot or to prison.Artists who are arrested,the charge is commonly weapons and drug possession.The youth today are being setup by the music industry and by other entities.The message in music needs to change.Todays message is kill or be killed.A lot of record companies are profiting from music that promotes "GUN VIOLENCE",so the question is what do we do to stop it?..............................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


In N.Y.C.,in every Boro., state & city officials are cutting services such as the closing of schools,closing of senior citizen centers,daycare centers also removing 42,000 children from childcare as September 2012,services for troubled youth & young adults are being cut.Now state & city officials are saying the state is broke,I noticed certain communities in N.Y.C. are not going to loose their services,because their not are not just going to sit back and let it happen,This is to the communities who are! Its time to "RISE UP" and not allow these cuts to cripple our communities,we must mass together and say "NO" to any cuts or suffer from our own lack of  not making a "STAND" ,state & city cuts in our communities will result in disastrous condition's for our communities.Senior citizens will have no where to go,schools will be over crowded resulting in increased school violence,Parents who depend on city & state childcare will have to pay for private childcare,resulting in food being removed from their tables,"GUN VIOLENCE" will rise to a higher level the it all ready is, due to no prevention services to troubled youth & young adults."RISE UP PEOPLE"...................ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Every Human Life Is Priceless

  Every human life is priceless so said Edgar Allan Poe
The great poet from the U.S.A. a few centuries ago
But since he lived on this Planet so many have died in wars or met with foul play
Perhaps even as many as have died in the natural way.

Every human life is priceless that's how it ought to be
But so many dying of hunger and living in poverty
And so many suffering for their beliefs and their rights to them denied
And by oppressive Governments their hopes and dreams destroyed.

Every human life is priceless though not all see it that way
So many human predators on the defenceless prey
The Amin's and Hussein's and the Milosevic's are no longer rare
And murder is on the increase and some bad people every where.

Every human life is priceless that's what a great poet once said
One who still lives on in literature though he's been long with the dead
But sad to say there's still too many who look on human life as cheap
Even as of little value as a donkey's or a sheep.

Francis Duggan

Friday, March 11, 2011


***ENOUGH IS ENOUGH*** Save Our children!: HOW HAS GUN VIOLENCE DETERIORATED OUR COMMUNITIES!...: "Gun violence in our communities,has caused,property value to decrease,quality businesses leave or don't want to come into to the commun..."


Gun violence in urban communities,has caused,property value to decrease.Quality businesses leave or don't want to come into to the community due to the high rate of homicides.Long time residents of the community decide to move,selling their homes,which eventually become low income housing.Social events in the community begin to decrease as the gun violence escalates.Young children can't play out in their yards or enjoy the neighborhood parks due to the fear of being shot.Delivery  persons work in fear of being shot or robbed,Businesses leave creating blocks of empty buildings,which are used for shelter by the homeless or used for selling drugs,prostitution,etc.Local Law Enforcement regard urban communities as hostile.Quality of goods such as food is poor.Emergency services are slow in gun violence plagued communities.Gun violence destroys the quality of  life in most inner city communities.Death due to gun violence is a everyday occurrence in a lot communities of color across the nation,to keep our communities from deteriorating,due to gun violence.The community must wake up, stand-up & step up and shout "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and get involved in their communities,help Save Our Children.....No Violence-Know Peace!