Friday, February 15, 2013


Urban America in some parts of this nation is in denial.Living under siege due to Gun Violence and burying our children has become the norm.Urban America's lack of courage & commitment to prevent more death is proof.Urban America has a big issue when it comes to Unity.Urban America still has not caught on to the fact,that Unity is the master key that will unlock all the chains of learned helplessness & internalized oppression.Urban America is still waiting for the Calvary to save them.Not accepting that they are the Calvary and it's way pass time to save themselves.Urban America has chosen to forget about their predecessors who by Unity, sacrifice & commitment for human & civil rights.Led to the beginning of equal rights,that Urban America benefits from today.Urban America believes we have arrived in society,truth is we haven't.The progress that was made has stalled by Urban America.Urban America's children's education is lacking due to the parents and placing the blame on teachers & schools.Urban America believes they're powerless against those who've convinced them there is no hope.Truth be told it's being done by design.Urban America is giving their money to Mega churches,which do nothing for the urban communities which surround the church.This is why Urban communities have no businesses of their own.Urban America is electing local officials and not holding them accountable to address the ills of Urban communities.Urban America wont let go of suffering from the Willie Lynch syndrome.There is no trust of one another in Urban America.Urban America suffers from high unemployment & poverty,still Urban America is the biggest consumer in the nation.Urban America's mindset is every man & woman for themselves,survival of the fittest. Never mind who gets let behind.Urban America is in it's own way,blocking themselves from changing their conditions in Urban America.Urban America is headed in the wrong direction,is in dire need of GPS. The road is leading to a dead end.Urban America it's time to learn to believe in yourselves again.The prisons are filling up with troubled youth & young adults and so are the grave yards.Does Urban America have a fear of change and truth."Truth Be Told,Urban America Doesn't Like The Truth".........No Violence-Know Peace!