Sunday, April 10, 2011


To whom it may concern,                                                                                                                                                                How high does the "body count" have to be before politicians, community leaders & people in the communities that suffer from the "PLAGUE" of "GUN VIOLENCE",get serious about preventing & stopping the violence that has put our communities under seige. It is now Spring with Summer on the way,will we experience the same as the Summer of 2014,where the "body count" in our communities was outrageous,which led to our leaders making speeches and photo ops to stop the violence.I say no!We need change,not the the same as before.A cowardly approach to this "CRISIS" will not work,we already have of proof of this.There are activists & orgs. who have missions & visions on how to save our youth & young adults and communities from any more senseless violence.The budgets which are given to our community leaders are not being used to help activists & Orgs who want to make a change for our communities,when politicians are approached for donations to help the troubled youth & young adults stuck on the  corners & war zones of the streets.They are told its not in their budgets,well its time to go into the( we aint got it fund) and start financing  those who need donations to change the element of violence in our communities,It is time to stop allowing the "PLAGUE" of violence hold our communities hostage.We have made no real progress in the movement in stopping the violence due to the fact,that those with budgets are not wiling to write checks for those who are on the front line in the movement to stop "GUN VIOLENCE".Give us what we need,I know there will be greater progress in the process towards a cease fire in our communities.Our children are the future,its time to invest in it.   ...................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW

Friday, April 8, 2011


To "UNITE" against the "PLAGUE" of "GUN VIOLENCE" in our communities,first of all some of us in the community,need to stop living in denial about the daily occurrence of "VIOLENCE" in the community,stop believing that their children are some how exempt of whats happening.Second is the issue of how much do we care about our youth & young adults well being & future.The safety of our elderly needs to be a "PRIORITY",the elderly should be able to walk down the street,without fear of being robbed or shot.The people in the community need to support "GRASS ROOT ACTIVISTS & ORGANIZATIONS",who are on the front line in the fight to end "GUN VIOLENCE".Unity means standing for the greater good of the 'CAUSE" for which we unite! Understanding benefits of  "UNITY" in the community are unmeasurable,realizing that without the participation of those who live in the community all is lost.No more young lives have to be lost,in order for a community to "UNITE". When called upon by those who are making changes in the community to "STOP THE VIOLENCE",show up and stop staying home watching what happened on the local news.Instead be the news as the community who has "UNITED" to prevent "GUN VIOLENCE" in their community.It takes selflessness, unconditional commitment, sacrifice,speaking out,donations to fund programs for the communities troubled youth & young adults.Churches who's members are from the surrounding community,need to start being more involved in the major needs of the community.The members should demand this especially from these mega churches who take money out of the community and give back very little,start scheduling weekly meetings on the progress being made and what else needs to be done. Collaboration of  all activists,org etc. for one "CAUSE", to rid our communities of the "PLAGUE" of "GUN VIOLENCE".No more selfish agendas by those who say their for the people,but their actions say differently.No more going along to get along.Those outside the community,cannot solve what goes on in our communities.This is up to us,the people of the community.Let us "UNITE",for it is long over due!..............NO VIOLENCE- KNOW PEACE!