Monday, January 8, 2018

"2008-2016" 8YRS OF FAILURE BY US!

In 2008 a Black man was elected President of the United States of America.This event made world history. Black folk had just witnessed what so many had believed would never happen in America, a Black man being President. There was jubilation and tears of joy from Black folk across America.Black folks time had finally arrived, time to come up and stand together. To believe in ourselves and gain ground to raise Black folks status in America. This was a time for "Unity & Empowerment for Black folk. Our President and his family were leading by example, In my view there were no excuses Black folks could use not to make it happen. Not racism nor we can't, cause the President's motivational statement was "Yes We Can". This was a powerful statement, he came from the Southside of Chicago to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC.. He didn't come from Wealth, he did the work by way of education and it got him and his wife and children all the way to the White House. Black folk in America finally had a model to follow, all black folk had to do was catch on. The First Lady gave Black mothers a model to follow, as well as her two beautiful daughters. This was Black Folks time, a chance to be as Empowered as perhaps the Jews or other cultures in America had done. And Black folks have 8yrs to make it happen, God has forged away for Black folks to "Rise" as a people. So what did Black folks do? Some prominent Black Scholars and influential leaders used their ability to gather the masses to destroy hope for black folk in America. They were going around the country stating the President wasn't doing enough for Black Americans, they publicly character assassinated the President. They never gave unconditional support to the President for the greater good of Black folk. Instead they were focused on the own selfish agendas. Black Mega Churches dropped the ball also, where were the leaders of these churches, why weren't they gathering the masses to answer the call of "Yes We Can". Black State & Local elected official not taking the initiative to execute E/O signed by the President for the betterment of Black Folk in Education and "The My Brother Keeper Initiative". Meanwhile the "Conscious Community" was giving history lessons and convincing Black folk to quit before they start. Meetings being held with no actions to unite Black folk. What a lot of Black folks failed to realize was there were "Blue Prints" from the Civil Rights Movement on how to become empowered in America. It was evident that Black folk were waiting for the President to do for them, what they could do for themselves. How could this be happening with all the awareness at a time when history has been made. How could Black folks allow 8yrs of opportunity slip away. Maybe be they didn't want it bad enough, or they didn't believe in themselves. This was "Our Time", who knows when Black folk will have this opportunity again. God gave Black folk a blessing that was taken for granted. Black folk failed themselves and there is nobody to to blame. Today I know some Black folk wish they could do it all over again, well maybe in the future Black folk will get another chance. Still the God I know will make you earn a blessing he previously gave to you. So Black folks you had your chance, now you gotta earn another one. Hopefully you'll catch on, for Gods sake please do......No Violence-Know Peace