Tuesday, May 27, 2014


How many remember the song "We Shall Over Come"?It was the song sung by MLK and those who stood with him during the civil rights movement in the 60's.This song was spiritually inspirational for those who were committed to overcome civil injustice,racial inequality,poverty,etc.This song was sung as rocks were thrown,dogs attacking,police beatings of marchers determined to overcome being treated less than human.Some marchers even lost their lives.Black folks had enough and were unconditionally committed to the movement to change their conditions & status in America.As a child I watched what was happening on TV and listened to the radio to the beginning of change for the oppressed citizens of America.The process had begun,no more sitting in the back of the bus.No more suppression of voting rights.Children of color could attend schools who's policies forbid them from attending."We Shall Over Come",yes we were hopeful ,people of color were making progress towards equality.Then came the assassinations of prominent Black leaders,MLK,Malcolm X and others.This slowed the progression of the "Peoples Movement",the singing seem to stop,the progress that was made was not being nurtured.Complacency seemed to set in by the people through the following years.Did some of us believed that we had arrived in society?Had we forgotten about what sacrifices were made for us,had we lost our way?How did we allow our self respect & pride,our love for one another slip away.What happened to us through the years,maybe it was the "Heroin & Crack epidemic.That swept through communities of color,leaving devastation & death.Has our courage been depleted through the years.It is now 2014,the era of "Sex & Violence.The biggest "Crisis" in America today is "Gun Violence".This is the scourge & plague in America's communities of color.There's a aura of hopelessness coming from people of color today.Remember those who had less than nothing that started the process of change,though today people of color have more.Reality is we still have nothing as a people.No empowerment,no Unity,no real family structure or moral fiber.Children of color killing one another.Our passion to stand for what is right has diminished.We complain on our knees,still we won't stand up for our children.Today we must "Overcome" ourselves,because we've allowed ourselves to forget.Living in denial about how we have a part in what has happened to us.In order to start the process,we have to be willing to be forthright in being diligent,accepting criticism from naysayers.Our children's lives are in peril.We can no longer afford to stand by and let them kill each other.Time for a new "Peoples Movement",still first we must "Overcome" ourselves.Then perhaps by God's will,we will begin to sing our battle cry "We Shall Over Come" in the process to save our children's lives and restore hope.......No Violence-Know Peace!