Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We as Black Americans demand accountability by law enforcement when unarmed Black youth are killed by them & justice from the court system.Which is right by all means.Still I wonder when will we,Black Americans as a whole begin to account for what we are allowing to happen to our troubled youth in our  own communities.This is a major issue among us.As Black Americans who live in communities filled with Black on Black crime,we have failed to account for the part we play in whats happening in our communities.We prefer to blame others inside & outside of our communities  for the chaos we live in.This inability to accept personal responsibility for whats happening to our troubled youth & young adults,by way of self inflicted genocide,needs to change ASAP.No more denial,that it's not up to us as a people.Something is very wrong when we can demand accountability from others and we can't account for what's happening to our young & communities.Those who we demand accountability from,look at us and say when will we account for the daily loss of our youth lives,by our youth.It seems to me we need to really wake up to the fact,that we are failing our youth and ourselves as a people.It's time for no more excuses,justifications & rational.Accountability along with action by us will lead to change for our youth & communities.We can no longer afford to be in denial about ourselves.We cry for justice nation wide,lets use the same initiative to recover from our own lack of accountability.The sooner we account for our own,children's lives will be saved and safer communities will be born.Hope fully those who believe we don't care about our own,mindsets will change.......NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I've heard it said this not the time to mention youth killing youth,due to the death of Jordan Davis.I say it's the perfect time.From coast to coast,there's a cry for justice for Jordan,Yes me too,still during this time our youth & young adults are still painting inner city streets with their blood.We're wearing hoodies to show solidarity for justice.Why are we not displaying the same enthusiasm when comes to our troubled youth & young adults.FB & other social networks,Black news etc.,are all joining in on one agenda,"Justice for Jordan".Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to voice out loud that "Enough Is Enough",we have the drive and the energy to show "Solidarity" against gun violence in our communities.This is what we need,now that we have people's attention.This can be a driving force to a cease fire in our communities.We can capitalize on the moment by bringing a equally important agenda to the forefront "Saving our Children.Let's not blow this opportunity to stand together in stopping gun violence.We may not get another opportunity like this.It's a injustice to our troubled youth,if we don't seize the momentum that we have at our disposal......

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Black males with a invisible "Bulls-Eye" on them,just because their black.Racism is the hunter and open season has been and is in effect until further notice.Not only here in America,is it open season on black males, around the world also.Why,is it because we are the original man or is it because Jesus was black and Racism crucified him.Or perhaps it's because of Black skills,talents,strength,knowledge,inventions,compassion,leadership, architects of the pyramids.Could it be the "Fear of a Black Planet" or is Racism really afraid of Black males because "Racism is a Coward".Racism has a arsenal of weapons & traps.Such as propaganda,disease,insidiousness,drugs & poverty.Racism uses divide & conquer techniques, camouflages.Racism's main weapon of choice is Black males.Now your probably thinking if Racism is hunting Black males,then why is Racism's main weapon of choice Black males. Racism still shoots down Black males every now & then.Racism has orchestrated a brilliant way for  black males to kill other black males, using his arsenal of weapons,that I mentioned in this blog.Racism has perfected how to use the weapon of mass deception.Simply by convincing black males their lives are worthless,providing them with weapons to exterminate themselves,Using all the weapons formentioned  in this blog.Racism even uses black churches,black leaders to help in the hunt.Racism has a abundance of resources,that are used 24/7 to hunt black males.Black males who don't die are sent to prison,to be used as slaves by the new Jim Crow.Racism is the most vicious beast on the planet today.Racism is the biggest hunter and the number 1 killer of black males.It's Racism's nature is to kill..........NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


While we've listen to the pros & cons of why our youth & young adults are slaughtering each other.Their death toll still rises.We've heard don't blame this or that for the cause of rampant "Gun Violence" in Americas inner city communities.Intellectual scholars who say education and knowledge of self is a solution,spirituality & love another.Mean while the shootings continue to escalate as the body count rises and the prison population grows.I've heard hip hop is a art not a influence,though hip hop artists should be held accountable for their negative lyrics about African American women,drugs & guns.Sounds kinda like a mixed message to me.Where's the accountability for what's happening to our youth & young adults.It's time to tell ourselves the truth about how we've failed our youth & young adults.We failed in our communities,as well as our schools,allowing our advancement in society,to slip away due the failure to nurture and staying consistent in the advancement of our children's future.We've failed in not placing principals before personalities.We've failed to keep black businesses in our communities.Complacency has become our norm.Failure to admit that unity is our strength,due to selfishness & individual stardom.We have allowed fear to dictate our actions in our communities,still we cry & complain about stop & frisk policies.When we live in communities filled with guns! Accountability for what is happening to our youth & young seems to be like kryptonite to us.Until we start to account for ourselves,don't complain about our conditions in our communities....NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!