Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Racism you punk coward motherfucker,you have always been a bottom feeder.World history describes you as such.I don't fear you,never have and never will..You've been murdering the  people who taught you how become civilized,before that you lived like the beast you are.Your so afraid of Black culture,your murdering their children.Your terrified of another B.Obama in the making.You keep pushing for a race war in America,there's a lot Nat Turner mindsets in Black culture.You know you have all the weapons of mass destruction,so you keep provoking Black culture into a race war.So you can kill us with drones and put us in camps.Some of Black culture is not as forgiving as you think. Remember pressure burst pipes.Black culture doesn't murder your children,even Black law enforcement doesn't kill racist children.You'd probably kill them if they do.God didn't make the world for you to own,even though you believe God did.You used God to put fear in the hearts & minds of slaves.Some of us in Black culture don't have a slave mentality.We know what the true God made us for.Your time is up believe it or not,judgement day is upon you.God has a wrath like know other.The pain that you inflicted on those who built America with their blood sweat & tears,will not be in vain.Though you may think so.The hate in your soul shows more and more each day,Your so afraid of God,you won't let his children pray in certain institutions.Still in your court rooms it says In God We Trust.What a fucking travesty,Yes I'm callin you out Racism.Too many in Black culture have been killed by you,Black culture taught you everything you know,and like the venomous snake you are.You've taken the teachings,perverted it for your own selfish,destructive agenda against Black culture.No I don't fear you Racism,you fear me.That' why you are what you are,a spineless coward.I can look in your eyes and see your intimidated by my presence.Cause just as you have studied me,I've studied you.Now this may sound like angry Black man,I beg to differ.Just know I'm not afraid of you,cause God's got my back,who's got yours.The Devil always loses.Though your a insidious beast,you will still perish by your own undoing.Racism your too fucking cocky for your own good,it's almost laughable for you to believe that you can do what you do and not have to answer to the God you used to put fear in a people who made you civilized.Racism your a train wreck waiting to happen,what are you gonna do?When your own children turn on you,for being the murderous beast you are!Fuck you Racism,"I'm Not Afraid Of  You".Not today,not tomorrow,not ever.........No Violence-Know Peace!