Monday, December 19, 2011


There are some inner city youth who have said "Enough is Enough",and have begun to organize in order to "Stop the Violence" in their communities & schools.Some of them are as young as 14yrs old who are leading this movement.They are no longer waiting for the adults from the communities at large that suffer from the "Plague" of "Gun of Violence" to wake up,stand up & step up.Their on the move through communities & school that they live in & attend and those outside their own.These youth & young adults are recruiting ex gang members and others as they continue to blaze a "Shake Off the Violence" campaign from state to state.So far they are 12 states strong and counting.Coming to a community near you real soon.I admire these youngsters for their  courage and strength and not giving up attitude.If they quit,it would like giving up on themselves and the future of America's  inner city troubled youth who are committing "Genocide" across the nation.
Adults,mothers & fathers,community activists,local community leaders,church leaders need to stand along side these fearless young men and woman.Give them the support they need in our to help "Save Our Children".There are no more excuses,reasons etc.not to "Wake up,Stand up & Step up.Men we gotta "Man up,cause our troubled youth are being systematically set up to fail...NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I grew up in a time when being bullied by someone didn't have the impact that it has today.Bullies prey on the weak,timid & the person who at times is different from everyone else.Such as gay,smart or looked upon as nerds. Today's bullies are not just youth & young adults.Their adults who are pedophiles who gain their victims trust before violating them sexually.College students abusing other students in a variety of ways,with no regard of the damage it results in nor consequences.Today our children & young adults are committing suicide in epidemic proportions due to bullying.Today there are prevention programs to prevent bullying.Are they working,the statistics say no.Schools have prevention programs,there are community activist against bullying. US States have setup special anti bullying campaigns.I say more parents need to be involved.After all these are their children.The parents of children who are bullies need to be involved.Even the teachers in schools are afraid of the bullies and the parents who some breed their children to be bullies. Technology has taken bullying to a higher level.Bullying can be done by internet,cell phone,etc.Parents really need to step up their surveillance of who their child is talking to on their cell & chatting with on the internet.Start being aware of signs of change of behavior,who their friends are and who they give their personal info to.Start screening calls & ask for back ground checks of coaches in school.Saving our children from physical and mental harm must be a major priority,starting in the home.Our children need to know they can count on their parents to protect them from bullies & sexual predators.Teach our children how to protect themselves and when to call for help.It's up to us the parents to "Save Our Children"..........NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Lets see for as far as I can remember,most of America's inner city communities have always suffered from some sort of "Plague".In the 60's & 70's it was the Heroin epidemic,which caused serious addiction & death from overdoses.This went on until a certain element of America's society started to be effected by this "Plague".Which led to solutions & action to address the problem.Then there was the 80's and the epidemic of Crack Cocaine & the HIV virus.This caused major damage to most of Americas inner-city communities of color.This drug left families in shambles,also the increase of the prison population.Violence & Death began to escalate,communities began to crumble.The HIV virus was spreading like a wild fire amongst those who were crack addicts,gay & bisexual.Crack addicted children were being born at a enormous rate,resulting with children growing up with mental issues. Today they are the parents of the troubled youth & young adults who are shooting each other down.The HIV virus was also being spread by intravenous drug use.Most of all once again the incarceration & death of Black American males & females began to increase. Again it wasn't until a certain element of Americas society began to be effected by this inner city "Plague",were solutions & actions taken to prevent & stop it.Now there's the 90's to present day.Hold on a second,Drugs & Disease seem to have been the weapons used in inner city communities of Americas,which I believe was a form of "Genocide" to reduce the populations of color in the communities at large.Now where was I,oh yeah the 90's to present day."Gun Violence" the new and effective weapon,which is promoted by various sources.Guns readily available to youth & young adults for self inflicted Genocide.With no end insight to this "Plague" the death toll & prison population has grown a greater level as a result of this. That certain element of America's society,that I mentioned before,is not being effected by this Plague.Is there a pattern here or is it just me? "Gone are the days of flooding the inner city neighborhoods with drugs to control the population.Just make guns available to those who have no value for life and are willing kill their own.This Method is working,the Madness is those who are largely effected by it are allowing to......NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


For as long as I can remember the east coast had their own style in dance,fashion,music & street codes.East coast gangs back in the da day, were not slaughtering each other on a daily basis,like the gangs of today.Families in the community at large could have BBQ's with no worry of shootings.There was more value for life,yes there were turf wars at times,still babies were not casualties as a result of it.Some east coast gangs even protected their neighborhoods.Yes occasionally there were a few deaths.There was even respect for turfs.Guns were not the primary weapon in street rumbles,generally the weapons of choice was fist,knives,bats,chains & a occasional zip gun!Mothers & fathers were not burying their children at the rate they are today.During the 80's "crack" epidemic gun violence began to escalate in the east coast.The murder rate began to rise as did membership in old school gangs begin to diminish,which evolved into drug gangs.The west coast gangs from as far back in the 70's had serious a "gun violence issue,their influence on the east coast began in east coast prisons in the early 90's ,hence the birth of violent street gangs on the east coast,along with the ignorance of the dirty south.Which is the mind set of most troubled youth & young adults involved in gangs on the east coast. I know this was done by design, by those who want to see America's inner city troubled youth kill each other off.Its time for the east coast to get back to being a leader not a follower,perhaps its time to send a new message of change to the west coast & the dirty south,that they have been bamboozled by societies elite,who have a plan that does not include inner city youth gang members or communities of color for that matter.Through awareness & education this can be done.I know this is a tall order,due to the fact of the "crisis of gun violence",economy & social unrest" amongst youth & young adults is at the forefront of the "plague" of community problems  .We start where we stand,this will lead to change for our children as well as adults.we owe it to our young as well as ourselves to change the direction of which our children are being led.Love for our  children and better way of life for them must be a priority.It will be our own fault,if we do not begin to implement "change" now! NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE

Friday, August 19, 2011


In our neighborhoods we have allowed ourselves to be defined by what we call our communities.We need to start promoting positive language in our communities.As adults,parents & neighbors its up to us to improve the quality of our neighborhood,especially how we speak of it and the terms we use to describe where we live.Its time to bring back pride into our neighborhoods.This is done by not accepting the term "hood" be used to describe our communities.Yes we have the element of troubled youth & young adults in our neighborhoods,still that doesn't justify us labeling our communities as hoods.I believe small changes such as this will bring about change in our communities.I know at one time most neighborhoods were thriving,today with economic hardships,gun violence & unemployment,people are depressed,stressed out ,angry & without hope.The willingness to make a difference is not a priority for some.So that leaves the rest of us who are willing to lead by example.It really isn't difficult at all.It's our neighborhoods,lets start by being neighborly in our "NEIGHBORHOODS",this is simple stuff.I believe if we speak it enough,it will come to pass..............NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've heard it said if nothing changes,nothing changes.Its now being said marches & rallies have failed to bring peace back to our communities,One or two stop the violence organizations won't do it either.Has a unified alliance been tried,I'm not sure,still I believe it could work.A alliance of men from Grass Roots Orgs. to  who are willing to collaborate with other Orgs. for one cause.President Obama's "My Brothers Keeper Initiative". First connections need to be established and strong relationships built,unconditional commitment,Sharing resources.The execution of strategies,programs & reports of  the results,scheduled meetings.Respecting each organization's autonomy,This means no dictating to other Orgs. Spending more time on putting plans into action and less time talking about it.Becoming more visible in the community at large. Practice a selfless agenda and volunteering when necessary to help other Orgs. Being models of action,leading by example.Disagreeing without being disagreeable,keeping the primary purpose of the "My Brother's Keeper Initiative".This is not a "Self Serving" agenda. Let spiritual guidance be our conscious and our numbers our strength under God,let no entity divide us, also the recruiting of men in the communities to help in reaching out to male youth & young adults.This could work with love & action.............................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


***ENOUGH IS ENOUGH*** Save Our children!: A SHORT POEM ENTITLED "HOPE": "Our troubled youth & young adults need education, not self extermination,they need love,not just from God above,they need for people to care..."


Our troubled youth & young adults need education, not self extermination,they need love,not just from God above,they need for people to care,not people who just wanna stare,they need hope, to help them cope,they need a new life,free of suffering & strife,they need their parents to wake up & step up,they need their fathers to say "I'm hear for you son,then hopefully they wont have to die from a bullet fired from a gun"!..............................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE

Sunday, April 10, 2011


To whom it may concern,                                                                                                                                                                How high does the "body count" have to be before politicians, community leaders & people in the communities that suffer from the "PLAGUE" of "GUN VIOLENCE",get serious about preventing & stopping the violence that has put our communities under seige. It is now Spring with Summer on the way,will we experience the same as the Summer of 2014,where the "body count" in our communities was outrageous,which led to our leaders making speeches and photo ops to stop the violence.I say no!We need change,not the the same as before.A cowardly approach to this "CRISIS" will not work,we already have of proof of this.There are activists & orgs. who have missions & visions on how to save our youth & young adults and communities from any more senseless violence.The budgets which are given to our community leaders are not being used to help activists & Orgs who want to make a change for our communities,when politicians are approached for donations to help the troubled youth & young adults stuck on the  corners & war zones of the streets.They are told its not in their budgets,well its time to go into the( we aint got it fund) and start financing  those who need donations to change the element of violence in our communities,It is time to stop allowing the "PLAGUE" of violence hold our communities hostage.We have made no real progress in the movement in stopping the violence due to the fact,that those with budgets are not wiling to write checks for those who are on the front line in the movement to stop "GUN VIOLENCE".Give us what we need,I know there will be greater progress in the process towards a cease fire in our communities.Our children are the future,its time to invest in it.   ...................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW

Friday, April 8, 2011


To "UNITE" against the "PLAGUE" of "GUN VIOLENCE" in our communities,first of all some of us in the community,need to stop living in denial about the daily occurrence of "VIOLENCE" in the community,stop believing that their children are some how exempt of whats happening.Second is the issue of how much do we care about our youth & young adults well being & future.The safety of our elderly needs to be a "PRIORITY",the elderly should be able to walk down the street,without fear of being robbed or shot.The people in the community need to support "GRASS ROOT ACTIVISTS & ORGANIZATIONS",who are on the front line in the fight to end "GUN VIOLENCE".Unity means standing for the greater good of the 'CAUSE" for which we unite! Understanding benefits of  "UNITY" in the community are unmeasurable,realizing that without the participation of those who live in the community all is lost.No more young lives have to be lost,in order for a community to "UNITE". When called upon by those who are making changes in the community to "STOP THE VIOLENCE",show up and stop staying home watching what happened on the local news.Instead be the news as the community who has "UNITED" to prevent "GUN VIOLENCE" in their community.It takes selflessness, unconditional commitment, sacrifice,speaking out,donations to fund programs for the communities troubled youth & young adults.Churches who's members are from the surrounding community,need to start being more involved in the major needs of the community.The members should demand this especially from these mega churches who take money out of the community and give back very little,start scheduling weekly meetings on the progress being made and what else needs to be done. Collaboration of  all activists,org etc. for one "CAUSE", to rid our communities of the "PLAGUE" of "GUN VIOLENCE".No more selfish agendas by those who say their for the people,but their actions say differently.No more going along to get along.Those outside the community,cannot solve what goes on in our communities.This is up to us,the people of the community.Let us "UNITE",for it is long over due!..............NO VIOLENCE- KNOW PEACE!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Some of todays music does promote violence,most of those who use lyrics about "GUNS" in their music,generally are the same artists who are arrested for "GUN" possession. Violent lyrics in music,means big business for most record labels promoting Hip Hop artists,who's lyrics promote violence.Our youth & young adults today are disillusioned by what they hear in music,that glorifies violence and going to prison.Most of the artists have never been shot or to prison.Artists who are arrested,the charge is commonly weapons and drug possession.The youth today are being setup by the music industry and by other entities.The message in music needs to change.Todays message is kill or be killed.A lot of record companies are profiting from music that promotes "GUN VIOLENCE",so the question is what do we do to stop it?..............................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


In N.Y.C.,in every Boro., state & city officials are cutting services such as the closing of schools,closing of senior citizen centers,daycare centers also removing 42,000 children from childcare as September 2012,services for troubled youth & young adults are being cut.Now state & city officials are saying the state is broke,I noticed certain communities in N.Y.C. are not going to loose their services,because their not are not just going to sit back and let it happen,This is to the communities who are! Its time to "RISE UP" and not allow these cuts to cripple our communities,we must mass together and say "NO" to any cuts or suffer from our own lack of  not making a "STAND" ,state & city cuts in our communities will result in disastrous condition's for our communities.Senior citizens will have no where to go,schools will be over crowded resulting in increased school violence,Parents who depend on city & state childcare will have to pay for private childcare,resulting in food being removed from their tables,"GUN VIOLENCE" will rise to a higher level the it all ready is, due to no prevention services to troubled youth & young adults."RISE UP PEOPLE"...................ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Every Human Life Is Priceless

  Every human life is priceless so said Edgar Allan Poe
The great poet from the U.S.A. a few centuries ago
But since he lived on this Planet so many have died in wars or met with foul play
Perhaps even as many as have died in the natural way.

Every human life is priceless that's how it ought to be
But so many dying of hunger and living in poverty
And so many suffering for their beliefs and their rights to them denied
And by oppressive Governments their hopes and dreams destroyed.

Every human life is priceless though not all see it that way
So many human predators on the defenceless prey
The Amin's and Hussein's and the Milosevic's are no longer rare
And murder is on the increase and some bad people every where.

Every human life is priceless that's what a great poet once said
One who still lives on in literature though he's been long with the dead
But sad to say there's still too many who look on human life as cheap
Even as of little value as a donkey's or a sheep.

Francis Duggan

Friday, March 11, 2011


***ENOUGH IS ENOUGH*** Save Our children!: HOW HAS GUN VIOLENCE DETERIORATED OUR COMMUNITIES!...: "Gun violence in our communities,has caused,property value to decrease,quality businesses leave or don't want to come into to the commun..."


Gun violence in urban communities,has caused,property value to decrease.Quality businesses leave or don't want to come into to the community due to the high rate of homicides.Long time residents of the community decide to move,selling their homes,which eventually become low income housing.Social events in the community begin to decrease as the gun violence escalates.Young children can't play out in their yards or enjoy the neighborhood parks due to the fear of being shot.Delivery  persons work in fear of being shot or robbed,Businesses leave creating blocks of empty buildings,which are used for shelter by the homeless or used for selling drugs,prostitution,etc.Local Law Enforcement regard urban communities as hostile.Quality of goods such as food is poor.Emergency services are slow in gun violence plagued communities.Gun violence destroys the quality of  life in most inner city communities.Death due to gun violence is a everyday occurrence in a lot communities of color across the nation,to keep our communities from deteriorating,due to gun violence.The community must wake up, stand-up & step up and shout "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and get involved in their communities,help Save Our Children.....No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Single fathers in the community don't receive a lot of recognition,due to the fact that they are out numbered by the rate of absent fathers.The community focuses on the troubled youth who are fatherless,for various reasons.The impact a single father can have on the community is by leading by example,so that other fathers who need to step up to the plate for their own children,perhaps will be inspired by the commitment they see in the single father to his children.Hopefully they'll catch on.Single fathers give their children structure and prepare them for the world outside the home,they teach their young,how not to become a victim of the negative influences in the community,such as gangs ,drugs & sexual predators,or not to become menaces to society.Single fathers can talk to other fathers about the importance of being tn their child's life on a full time basis.From my own experience,I have received respect from youth in the community,who appear to want their own fathers in their lives.Being a single father is essential these days,when the mother is absent from their children's lives,We must all do what is needed to Save Our Children..........NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Youth who come from dysfunctional homes are easy targets to be recruited by "GANGS" in their communities.Youth tend to believe in the false sense of security offered by "GANGS".Youth who generally are not being loved & nurtured at home,tend to look for love in all the wrong places,which in todays society leads to joining "GANGS".Most of these youth are fatherless and have no male adult figure in their life to give them positive structure to live by.Most of all youth in" GANGS" have this in common! Once these youth are recruited by seasoned "GANG"members,they have to make their bones,by either harming or even killing a individual in order to be worthy to be a "GANG"member,they will be taught "GANG" language & signs,introduced to drugs,guns,and all the negativity that "GANGS"offer,including money from ill-gotten gains.Most of these youth have several siblings at home & live in low income homes,this makes the money made from drugs very attractive.Seasoned members will make the new member feel like family by manipulation,when in reality the new member is being used.By time the new member realizes what they have gotten themselves into its generally its too late to turn back,which results in going to prison or death! Youth who consider a "GANG"as family,really want a family at home,Unfortunately there's a lot of homes lacking the structure to prevent our youth from joining gangs.Our youth need to be given better options,the question is HOW?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As a parent in todays society,parenting skills are a must.This is in order to raise a child with a healthy,loving & nurturing mindset.Parents need to teach their children the value of life,self love,self respect & self pride.Give their children spiritual morals,protect them from negative influences.Such as monitoring what music they listen too,what they watch on TV or video and what they do on the internet.What kind of friends they have.Parents can lead by example,if a parent tells their children not to use drugs,then the parent shouldn't use drugs, especially not in front of their children.Teach the importance of education,how to be a leader not a follower.Parents should let their children know that they can talk to their parents about anything no matter what it may be.Parents should spend quality time with their children in order to build a strong relationship.Never give a child responsibilities meant for an adult,such as raising siblings,this can cause rebellion and other issues.Patience is needed with all children, in order for a child to learn what is taught them.Children today need to know that they can count on their parents to be there for them..............NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In order for change in our communities,we must gather the masses.Only thru "UNITY" and commitment can we achieve progress in the fight to stop "GUN VIOLENCE" & make our communities safe again for our children & ourselves.African Americans have always struggled with UNITY,this needs to change,we no longer can afford to blame those outside our communities for the senseless KILLING that occurs on a daily basis in most of Americas inner city communities of color."The CRISIS of GUN VIOLENCE" is wiping out our children at a horrendous rate.We need "UNITY" now,more than we've ever needed it before! Don't you agree,if not ,"WHY"?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The community mindset about the "PLAGUE" of  "GUN VIOLENCE" is that of hopelessness,this really needs to change.Our children need us, they're dying everyday,due to senseless violence.We are failing our young by not getting involved in all aspects of stopping the high rate of "GUN VIOLENCE"in our communities.How long will people who live in "VIOLENCE PLAGUED" communities accept living in fear.Aren't people aware of the fact that they can run but they cannot hide.Our children are victims of  self'inflicted "GENOCIDE".As a people we must stand together for our youth & young adults.Cause if we don't, who will, and what will the future be for them?....No Violence-Know Peace