Thursday, May 10, 2012


Men who have been there,done that and can identify with our troubled youth & young adults in our violence plagued communities.Are needed to give their experience,strength & hope to those who believe there is no hope for a better way of life.Men who have overcome the street life,by way of  incarceration or recovery from substance abuse and are now productive members of society.These men can promote a message of "Start Where You Stand" to our youth & young adults who are in dire need of direction to a better life.By mentoring to them a clear & precise message,that they have a choice,to either live or die,go to prison or live free.To understand today's inner city youths pain and anger,and who have occupied the same corners our youth occupy today,by leading by example what can be achieved.This is what most of our troubled youth are looking for and need.The knowledge these men have from the life they lived,cannot be found in a book.these men graduated from the Universities of Street Life.It's time to use their degrees issued by God's grace & mercy,to help our youth.A "Start Where You Stand" message to our hopeless youth & young adults will produce change in our communities,so let us reach out to those that society has left to fend for themselves.Let's heal the minds of our children.............NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!