Thursday, November 13, 2014


In 2008 the election of a Blackman for President in America. MLK was the"Dreamer",Barack H. Obama is the "Achiever".Now what have we done to capitalize on one of Black culture's greatest moments in America's history?Well I've seen us act as if it's meaningless,due to our failure to recognize our greatest achievement.We have turned glory into gory by our taking it for granted attitudes.We have left the President to stand alone in making our conditions better,not willing to step in the ring and fight for ourselves.Distracted by our own self centered goals,shall we go down in history as fools.Who had the opportunity to unite as a people,during the Presidency of a Blackman. What do we say to our children,how will we explain our failure? 8yrs to make a difference in Black culture,going on 8yrs. What have we done.Not showing up at the polls for the Midterm Elections,When our President needed us.How dare we choose to be so blind,always complaining & blaming.Fueling Racism by our lack of courage to step up as a people.We need all of us,not just some of us.Must we continue to suffer from self inflicted pain.We have so much awareness,still we refuse to act on this moment in history.Where is our pride and determination?We hate truth about ourselves and what part we play in our communities conditions.We have less than 1yr left,will we do something different or continue the same course?The world is watching and waiting for us to rise as a people,to change our status in America.We've never been quitters,history proves we've always been winners.Champions of civil & equal rights.Now lets continue our advancement for our children and us as a whole.Right now,not tomorrow,this instance.We don't have anytime to waste,we've wasted enough time already.This is about us,so it's up to us.We've had a "Dreamer & Achiever",now must we be "Believers"............No Violence-Know Peace!