Friday, February 28, 2014


As far I'm concerned,so far since President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address.He's keeping his word as he has stated "2014 will be a year of action.On 02/26/2014 the President launched the Our Brothers Keeper Initiative.This Initiative is to help young men of color succeed in today's society,due to the deck being stacked against them.Already the President's newest action to help our young men of color in America,is  being met with criticism & skepticism.It's the usual ones who straddle both sides of the fence,who's names I won't mention.I will tell you this though,they look like you and I.These are so called scholars of color who profess their love and concern for young men of color,still seem to have a agenda to discredit the President.One minute they're talking about the President not doing "Enough" and in the next breath they're criticizing & scrutinizing his efforts to make things better.I call these people "Agents of Distraction",who don't want us to believe or have hope for our young men of color.By way of the Presidents actions to improve their status in America's urban communities.I stand with the President and his agenda for young men of color,this is way over due.Now it's time for us to do our part,cause the President is counting on us to help make it happen.Our young men of color need to know we support them in their struggle & effort to become productive members of society.We must make it a priority to promote hope for those who believe it's hopeless.We must give them choices and convince them that inspite of the odds they can make it!"Mentorship & Critical Thinking"workshops must be applied by us with skills is this field. Consistency in developing healthy mindsets.Some young men are going to need mental health assistance.We need people who are willing to volunteer on all levels.These are our sons,grandsons,stepsons & nephews.Gun Violence & prison have claimed "Enough" of our young men of color.We must make a unconditional commitment to being our "Brothers Keeper".The President stated that the GOP frowns on his Initiative,because of money for programs.Still the the President indicated there is money which will be allotted to those who have programs that work and produce results for young men of color.We can also use our own resources & assets to help with cost.The naysayers are not with this Initiative cause they work for those who don't want to see the President's Initiative succeed.Their primary purpose is to be at distraction.Being "Our Brothers Keeper" will help our young men of color succeed.And succeed they will by way of God & us."This is not a Dream,this is the Mission"...No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Can we make history,the question is how?Maybe the question should be are we willing,ready & able to make history during the President Obama era.Can we make Black empowerment a priority not just a dream or idea?Are we willing to Unify as one people,practicing and promoting "Our Common Welfare" comes first in order for us to rise as a people?Are we able to stand up as Back men & woman against policies & laws detrimental to our children?Are we ready to give a selfless commitment to changing the mindsets of the hopeless and bring more awareness to our communities?Are we willing to show up at the polls this 2014,and vote the GOP out of congress?Are we ready to start holding our local and state government accountable,and stop blaming the President about not "Enough" being done for Black people? Well if your answer is yes to these few questions,then it's time for a new chapter in Black history.So far the new chapter of Black history has begun by the election of a Black man to the highest office in the nation.Now lets not just settle for that,lets do more.Starting with a nation wide boycott of corporate America.Such as the music industry,boycott companies that refuse to pay a living wage.Make a commitment to buy only what we need and less of what we want.This will empower us as a people due the "fact",black folk are the biggest consumers in the nation.Black women wearing their hair natural,will bring the hair weave industry to their knees.This is more empowerment that will produce offers of shares in the hair weave industry for Black folk.New standards being demanded in education,concerning our children's future.Creation of community alliances for the betterment of our daily living. Stopping the pipeline to prison agenda,by way of sit ins at state capitals.Bring back Black family values,which will lead to less single parent homes.Black men standing together,instead of killing one another.Leading by example,with a critical thinking mindset.No more stereo type views of one another by Black men & women. Accountability will lead to stability in the Black community.Donations to build self help centers in urban communities.Standing as one voice when it's time to say "No" to what not beneficial to Black folk as a whole. Creating more Black entrepreneurship and Black owned businesses.Demand that due to their age employment discrimination against Black men & women between the ages 45-60 be addressed.More focus on raising our status as Black people in America.I'm aware this is a tall order,still Black folk,we can make it happen.Cause I've had "Enough" and so have you.Now "Lets Make History"....No Violence-Know Peace!