Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In the five boros of NYC gentrification is in full effect,due to the selling out by city,state,local elected officials & community boards .Back room deals made with developers and the invasion of  White people & East Indians.Meanwhile Blacks are left out of the loop and being lied to by local elected officials.Blacks are being railroaded out their own communities.Due to greed and plans that don't include them. All Black communities are a thing of the past in the 5 boros of NYC.This was well planned years ago by those who will look their constituents in the face and say they didn't know.The only interest these elected officials have is their own.The worst part of is that most of the elected officials are Black. Perpetrators of misrepresentation for the constituents they're suppose to represent,"Sellouts".Merchants doing business in Black communities and not hiring any Blacks,instead hiring their own kind. Buildings being built for the new occupants of the once Black communities.Banks loaning money to the new people meanwhile denying Blacks any loans.Allowing Bloomberg a third term doomed  NYC's Black communities.Blacks who have spoke out about the selling out of their communities have been bullied at community board meetings.By the elected officials who's salaries they pay and helped get in office by votes.Has anyone noticed the amount of storage warehouses that have popped up in Black communities,these are for the Blacks who can no longer afford to live in their own community.Parts of city housing being sold to "Developers" to rid Black folks out of apartments.Crooked political machines in the 5 boros have let greed put Blacks in survival mode.These same elected officials will turn on each other in heartbeat,especially if he or she does not go along to get along.Some of them it's way past time to be out of office,most of them have been winning elections by default.Their tactics to keep opponents off the ballot has been taking them to court to prevent or get them kicked off the ballot.When and how will their be change of this practice of staying in office by using the system to stop the young and new folk who want to bring change to Black communities and represent the constituents the way they should be.You beat a machine with a better machine and it's coming 2021.The sellouts will be getting the hell out.No more of leading the elderly to vote blindly to keep your do nothing asses in office,so enjoy your terms.Cause your time is running out.Blacks have the right to fairness in the 5 boros of NYC......No Violence-Know Peace!