Tuesday, February 7, 2012


2014 children still killing children,youth still killing youth,mothers still burying their children.Reckless law enforcement using deadly force,causing the death of unarmed Blackmen  etc.The body count continues to rise in our inner cities.Gang Violence still surges in our communities.Are we making any progress in the struggle against nation wide Gun Violence?Is there still hope?Do we need a better plan or solutions?It's also a election year.There's a lot politicians counting on our votes.Most are offering solutions to the economy & jobs and have you noticed the unemployment rate,suddenly has dropped.Not for Black Americans though.Still the body count keeps rising.When is more focus going to be put on Stopping the Gun Violence and saving our children.Where's the plan for that?Seems to me Corporate America is closing old prisons and building new prisons to house more inmates & convicts,who are coming from our communities.Now what can we do the voters?How can we make the power of the vote make a greater impact in saving our children.We can't boycott the polls,that won't produce anything.So how do we make those who are running for office or reelection accountable for change in our communities concerning Gun Violence?We must some how make it clear,that we no longer stand for the "banana in the tail pipe" solutions that have not worked.Through unity we can form committees to meet with those who seek office.These committees should  be made up of community activists & Orgs.,clergy,youth & young adults,people of the community at large & business owners.Not allowing to be swayed by excuses or false promises.The power of the peoples vote can bring real change to communities,So long as we use it right.We can empower ourselves by standing side by side on this plan....NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!