Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear President Barack H. Obama,
Let me start off with saying thank you.In 2008 you stepped into the biggest house in the nation,taking on a "Depression" disguised as a "Recession.This mess was created and left behind by the former White House administration.I remember you stating it would take at least 8yrs before America would start to see relief.That told me you were going to be a two term President of the United States.Even though there were those stating you would only be a one term President. I remember how emotional I was as you were sworn in as President of the United States.Proud of a Black man who was not only the first Black President, who also was going to be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.The house that was built by slaves was now being lived in by the descendants of slaves.I watched as you and the First Lady led by example of how to be great Black parents to your daughters.I was inspired by your integrity & tenacity as a man,who faced un-measurable racist attacks. In-spite of odds & obstacles you led our country with dignity & valor.Not allowing racist distractions and character assassinations from some so called black scholars who claimed they loved you , to stand in your way. You took down the worlds most wanted terrorist and many more.You help the auto industry get back on it's feet.Made health care affordable for all Americans.Signed E/O for Black Excellence In Education.Initiated the My Brother's Keeper Initiative for Black male youth & young adults.Brought soldiers home from a war they shouldn't have been fighting.Mr. President I know running this nation was no easy task,especially when you had some in Government who opposed everything that was good for America,just because of the color of your skin.I admire the way you never allowed yourself to display "Angry Black Man". Instead you kept your composure and never blinked.As a Black man and single father of a 10yr old little girl,I learned a lot from you.How to be proactive and not reactive. Mr. President you will be be dearly missed,I'm proud to have witnessed history made by you.One of the greatest leaders of America the world has ever seen.You gave a message to our Black youth & young adults,that there are no excuses.That if you do the work you can make it all the way to the "White House".Put pride back in a lot of Black families across the nation.Mr. President on your last day in office,I will probably be emotional again,I will miss you.So again I say thank you and farewell.

With Respect & Admiration
Tony V. Nix