Saturday, December 22, 2012


Armed teachers,bulletproof backpacks and law enforcement in every school.NRA's solution is "A good guy with gun is the solution to a bad guy with a gun". Banning of assault weapons,stricter gun laws.More thorough back ground checks of people buying guns.Media frenzy on the Gun issue as a whole. Celebrities making videos and cameos saying "Enough".Gun buy backs on the rise,mean while gun sales increase.In Urban communities nothings changed,shootings still occur on a daily basis.Suburban communities demand action on stopping the shootings of innocent people.The perpetrators of mass shootings are always lone gunmen & insane hmm!Families shattered,children traumatized in Suburban communities.Grabs a nation's attention,meanwhile in Urban communities children have been dying,parents burying their babies for quite sometime now. Troubled youth & young adults gunning each other down in Urban communities and no outrage from the nation.Mental health is on the table.The President signs a E/O because Americas unstable.Is anything going to change, probably in Suburbia there will be some change.Not in Urban communities.Because if there's a plan to stop the violence,Urban communities aren't in the equation.People feeding into the illusions of solutions,not realizing it's all a delusion.Reality is it's the sign of the times.Confusing us to the point of frustration.While we wait and see what will happen, remember if nothing changes,nothing changes.......... No Violence-Know Peace

Friday, December 14, 2012


Recently here in America there have been mass shootings.The shooting of innocent children & adults by supposedly lone gunmen with the same M/O.What is really going on is the question some of us have yet to ask ourselves.These mass shootings are occurring more frequently,and I believe something else is happening in America.Our government knows and is not telling the people of this country who's behind these mass shootings.Let's take a look where these shootings are taking place.Malls,theaters,schools,etc located in towns where folks believe they are safe from Mass shootings.Are these places deliberately targeted?Has anyone read the Executive Order 13603 the President signed on 03/16/12.Was this E/O signed because of a outside threat to America or a inside threat.Gun Violence in Urban communities and Mass shootings in Suburban communities is there a connection?Probably not,one thing is for sure people are dying. Foreign terrorism is what American soldiers put their lives on the line to protect us from.Who's protecting us from,what I believe is home grown terrorism.I know this reads like a conspiracy,still I suggest you do some research of your own.The media is giving the public sensationalism,not journalism about these mass shootings.Media is controlled by the Government.People dying "Without Warning" are the collateral damage of a war that's been declared inside America,by it's own citizens....NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!