Sunday, January 20, 2013


In today's society aided by America's Family Court System,in some cases not all.Unfit mother's & absentee mom's get a pass.Some of these woman have long records of abuse & neglect with the local children family services,still somehow custody of the children  is given to these woman.They also owe large amounts of child support for the child who's in the fathers custody.Are they getting a pass from the system?These same woman continue to get pregnant,are on public assistance and not willing to become a better parent or a productive member of society.Generally these woman have 3 to 10 children.The fathers are no where to be found,still these woman continue to have babies.It's as if they have no sense of what their doing.Their children are growing up in a dysfunctional home.Generally the children are exposed to different men,drugs & physical abuse.Boys with these kinds of woman raising them.Wind up joining gangs, going to jail and have issues in school, etc.The girls follow the path of the mother when it come to boys.These mothers will give their children ADHD meds. because the school guidance counselor said their child is too active,plus you can get more free money from the state.They will jump on this without hesitation.Getting a second opinion is the furthest thought in their mind.This money is not being spent on the children.This money is spent on weaves,nails & eyelashes.They leave the children to fend for themselves,while they're out doing whatever.These same woman have the inability to accept personal responsibility for their actions and how they are living.Now let's talk about the absentee mother who is not in their child's life by choice.She doesn't take out the time to get involved with her child.Why because she doesn't want to nor does she contribute monetarily.And when she does occasionally,she wants a medal. Meanwhile she owes rears in child support and the local child support courts are not pursuing her in the same manner they would pursue a father who owes child support.I wonder why that is?There a lot of men in jail due to not paying child support,at the same time you have absentee moms. Who are not in jail.There's not a lot of focus on this issue,well it's time to change that.In some courts change is happening.I hope it catches on across America.If the courts can go after the fathers,then the courts can go after the mothers.It's time to get the message out "Absentee Moms & Unfit Mothers","You Don't Get A Pass"!
No Violence-Know Peace!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Many of our troubled youth & young adults are fatherless,especially in urban communities across the nation.Many of their fathers are incarcerated or on drugs.Some are dead,so let's not focus on them.Let's focus on the fathers who have abandoned their sons & daughters and their responsibilities.These fathers are living their lives with no concern for the child they helped conceive.These men seem to be totally unaware of the impact of what they have done to their child.These same men blame the mother of the child,for their irresponsibility as fathers.Most of these men didn't grow up with fathers,not acknowledging the impact it had on their own lives.Does it ever occur to them it's time to break the cycle,and give their children what they didn't have.These same men have the nerve to get angry when they are ordered to appear in court for child support.I say if your not taking care of your child,who cares if you get angry.It's time to man up!Your son or daughter need you in a mighty way,not just monetarily.For guidance & protection,if you don't know how to be a father,then learn.Talk to responsible fathers you know,Attend fatherhood workshops & parental skills classes.Men who who are not steppin up for their children are part of the senseless death of our youth, in our communities.Stop only showing up for your child's funeral and get involved in your child's life.They need you right now.Men need to get over whatever differences they may have with their child's mother.Their child has become collateral damage because of it.Too many single mothers in urban communities today.Stop being baby daddies and be a father.Give your child a chance to have something,you may not have had as a child.Children are a gift from God.Our children are dying,part of the reason is no father in their lives.It's time to wake up and realize it's not about you it's about your child.If  you call yourself a man,then it's time to "Man Up" for your son or daughter....No Violence-Know Peace!