Tuesday, July 16, 2019


To the man who stole this land,
We built this country on our back,just because our skin happened to be Black.While we built this nation you put the Red man on a reservation.Slavery the Black "Holocaust",no other race has suffered so much life lost.Terrorist from Europe are who you really are,racist from near and far.At your hands Black have lost too much Blood,it could be matched with the great flood.You call yourselves the master race,Bullshit and I'll tell you that to your face.Now in 2019 present day,your still the same old "Ofay".Racist task without wearing a mask.Hoods are no longer needed,cause your racist path has currently succeeded.A Black man in the White House ignited your greatest fear,now it's your time for pay back for the next 4yrs. Your Leadership has embarrassed your whole party,still you don't care cause he really ain't nobody.Your European traits of greed,theivery,savagery & oppression.Will it last forever is the question?For decades you've been rough & tough,believe it or not some of us have had "Enough".We can beat you at your own game,only this time the results won't be the same.Your time has come to be undone.Hate & power is what motivates you,the same thing will undo you.Too over confident will be your down fall,hell's fires await you all.Remember pressure burst pipes and a few are about to blow,your time is near for you to go.Who am I you ask,I'm the one who knows "Good conquers Evil no matter how long it takes....#Prophecy ።