Thursday, September 7, 2017


For years I've been trying to figure something out.Children and the magic  they possess.Years ago I was going through really tough time mentally & spiritually.My niece who was maybe 4yr or 5yrs old at the time asked me what was wrong.I said I just have a headache.Next thing I know she gives me a big hug and skips away. The way I was feeling simply vanished. I remember looking at her,wondering what did she just do to me.It was as if she drained all the depression out of me.Since then I've experienced the same thing from my daughter.My daughter started it at six months old.What is this gift given from God to our children. Is it magic or spiritual?I believe it's a little bit both.Now as write this,I'm quite sure I'm not unique in my discovery. There's probably many parents who've had the same experience. I've had adults hug me when I was feeling down and it didn't have same effect.We call our children little angels at times,could that be it?If so then what happens as they grow up. Do they lose the magic,make me wonder at times.Perhaps we all had the magic as children,how is it kept though?Perhaps the seed is planted by God at birth and parents nurture the seed with love.Or maybe there's some kind of spiritual connection.All children are born innocent, could that be it.Uncorrupted,pure,unhating,hmmm.So maybe it's not magic after all. Whatever it is we need to find the source.One thing for sure is our children is the key to a spiritual element our society is in dire need of.I'm going to keep searching for answers til I find it..."Thank God For Our Children",we can learn a lot from them if we pay attention!