Thursday, November 13, 2014


In 2008 the election of a Blackman for President in America. MLK was the"Dreamer",Barack H. Obama is the "Achiever".Now what have we done to capitalize on one of Black culture's greatest moments in America's history?Well I've seen us act as if it's meaningless,due to our failure to recognize our greatest achievement.We have turned glory into gory by our taking it for granted attitudes.We have left the President to stand alone in making our conditions better,not willing to step in the ring and fight for ourselves.Distracted by our own self centered goals,shall we go down in history as fools.Who had the opportunity to unite as a people,during the Presidency of a Blackman. What do we say to our children,how will we explain our failure? 8yrs to make a difference in Black culture,going on 8yrs. What have we done.Not showing up at the polls for the Midterm Elections,When our President needed us.How dare we choose to be so blind,always complaining & blaming.Fueling Racism by our lack of courage to step up as a people.We need all of us,not just some of us.Must we continue to suffer from self inflicted pain.We have so much awareness,still we refuse to act on this moment in history.Where is our pride and determination?We hate truth about ourselves and what part we play in our communities conditions.We have less than 1yr left,will we do something different or continue the same course?The world is watching and waiting for us to rise as a people,to change our status in America.We've never been quitters,history proves we've always been winners.Champions of civil & equal rights.Now lets continue our advancement for our children and us as a whole.Right now,not tomorrow,this instance.We don't have anytime to waste,we've wasted enough time already.This is about us,so it's up to us.We've had a "Dreamer & Achiever",now must we be "Believers"............No Violence-Know Peace!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Since the election of Barack H.Obama,racism has escalated to new heights.Blacks have been brutalized & killed by local law enforcement.These acts of violence have been perpetrated by White officers.Black unarmed men have been targeted by cowardly White officers of the law. Excessive force has become the norm,when it comes to Blacks even woman.When complaints are filed against these officers,the victim rarely receives justice.This is due to more Racism being practiced by the justice system.White people are being treated very differently when they have encounters with law enforcement. I've yet to see a case where Black officers have brutalized or killed a White unarmed man or woman.The nations media also has a intricate part in this,by the way they report and distort the story of what really happened in such incidents.This is 2014 yet this kind of blatant Racism,has the remnants of the 60's during the Civil Rights Movement.Voting rights of Black folks tampered with by racist who will do whatever they have too.To prevent Blacks in certain states from voting,creating bogus rules for ID,intimidation,etc.Racism uses sellout Blacks for their racist agenda.These are the the Blacks who infiltrate Black Movements.And pretend to be part of the movement.Black America is under attack by America's own citizens who are racist.Young Black men going to prison at a astronomical rate.Racism has always been prevalent in America,never has it been this overt since slavery.Blacks suffering from poverty,unemployment,etc.,caused by Racism.The election of a Black man to highest office in America has really angered Racism in America.Racism is so angry that if some of their own suffers,it's just collateral damage to them.Black folks it's time to pull out the blueprints from the 60's Civil Rights Movement,modify them and put them to use to combat racism in America.Blacks must be critical thinkers in the quest for equality,proactive not reactive.It's time to be unpredictable not predictable.It's time once again for a serious "Black Peoples Movement" against Racism and it's horrendous agenda.No more standing by while racist incident after incident against Black folk continues to climb. President Obama will be in office until 2016,God willing.Black folk must act now,by strategy-zing & utilizing ways to combat Racism in America. I charge you Black America to stand up for what is right and best for our culture.We must believe as a majority not as a minority.Boycotts & Sit-ins work,time to put them to real use.We must send a message of no more attacks on our rights as citizens of America. Racism is not in fear of us,nor should we be in fear of Racism.We must not be reckless in our thinking and actions against Racism,cause Racism is counting on it. That Black folk will be unorganized.Racism is afraid of God,so may God lead us spiritually.........No Violence-Know Peace

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Just because you come from the"Hood",don't mean you have to look or act like a "Ratchet Hood Rat Chick". A lot of young Black women are looking more and more like clowns. Some how believing they look good.Green,blue,multi-colored raggedy weaves,that look like 2 cats had a fight in.Obese with tight clothes on,ratchet lipstick color and tattoos everywhere,believing their sexy.Self exploiting themselves,cause they're seeking attention from young Black men.No or very low self esteem.Their conversation is always about some ignorance.Listen my young Black women,real young Black men don't want you.Cause you ain't wifey material.You can't even look in the mirror at the real you.Crazy lookin eyelashes.Some of you believe your what men want.Only men that want you, are the men with the same "Hood Rat"mentality as you.And all they want is what's between your legs.Now let's talk about some of the older Black women who are tryin to look like you,instead of leading by example of what you should look like.Believe it or not they have the same issues you have.What makes it worse is,they're more desperate than you for attention.Cause they're getting older and don't wanna grow up.They would rather be immature than mature.So they practice self exploitation too.Some of them are your mothers.Now some Black women who read this may be offended by this blog,their ignorant mindset will tell them it's just hatin on them.Well no ones hatin,this is a wake up ladies.Some know this is truth and still will be in denial.If your lookin for a real Black man,then it's time to up grade, and get rid of the clown look.If a man or anyone won't pay you any attention,cause of how you look naturally.You don't need them for you to feel good about you.Start exercising self  pride.Raise your self esteem by looking in the mirror at the real you,and saying your beautiful.That you don't have to make yourself up like a clown.You have a choice,being from the "Hood",doesn't mean you have to be a "Hood Rat Chic".Young Black women you represent Black culture.Volunteering to exploit yourselves is not the way to go. I've seen some young Black women who stand out cause they don't look like you.They have a aura of self confidence about the way they look.And they're from the hood too.They display pride in their swagger.I'm writing this cause I care about young Black women who need to be made aware of the fact.That just as clowns are laughed at,you are being laughed at too,Time to have a revelation that,"Self Exploitation" is not the way to go.........No Violence-Know Peace!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


More and more these days parents are losing parental rights to be a parent.Parents are being told how to discipline their children,by people who don't raise them.Nor feed,clothe and keep a roof over their heads.How have parents allowed the system to dictate whats right or wrong for your child.To me this seems to have started with the case of was a horrendous act of child abuse and murder committed by Joel Steinberg.He also physically abused his wife,by way of domestic violence.This guy was a monster.Since 1987 Child Services have upgraded their authority,when it comes to child abuse.Slowly they have taken away parents rights to discipline their children by way of corporal punishment.Especially in urban communities,where I must admit there have been a lot of child abuse atrocities.All parents are not alike,still parents of color have been generalize by the system.This system is very controlling,one of the tactics that's used is fear.They use the educational system, a child may come to school with a bruise from playing rough with friends or falling while playing.Right away the child is questioned about the injury.And in some cases,some over zealous school staff member will call child services.Which leads to the parent being investigated for alleged child abuse.This is unnecessary harassment in some cases.Child abuse and disciplining your child are two different things.In today's society it has been made to mean the same thing.Well I say that's wrong.Parenting today is not like parenting in years past.In years past a neighbor could spank you child and there was no issue.I personally got my "Behind whooped" by neighbors,babysitters & relatives.There wasn't a problem,belts,switches etc..Was it labeled as child abuse,no.Now today society has all kinds of pros &cons about how to or not to discipline children.The system has inadvertently given children more rights than the parents.Some children have capitalized on this,by using their rights to keep their parents in the fear of the system zone.Raising children in today's society is a very daunting task.Protecting them from society ills,raising them with love & caring.Keeping them in the right direction,inspite of all the influences in today's uncensored society.Which entice children to misbehave.A child at times can be very rebellious.A child needs to know and understand who is in charge.The negative behaviors some parents have allowed their children to display to me is unacceptable.It's time for parents to not allow the system to keep them from being solid parents.Spanking today has somehow become taboo.I get that some folk don't agree with spanking,still I understand parents who do.Now lets take a look at some of our children today.Disrespectful & loud in public,little children acting out in school.Talking back,questioning why they can't,all up in grown folk business.One of the reasons this behavior is happening is the system.I say good parents must do what's necessary,for the best interest of their children.Too many judgmental folk who don't raise your child nor help,need to shutup.Society & the system has got many parents psyched out.We need a good parents today,especially children of color.So I say if your a good parent and occasionally spank your child.So be it,don't let anyone tell you your a abusive parent........No Violence-Know Peace!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Dear Angry Blackman,
I used to be you like you.Always angry at society and all it's ills.I let my emotionally charged mindset fuel my reckless behavior & thinking.Always reactive,never proactive.No one could teach me anything,cause I thought I knew everything.Doing the same angry things and always receiving the same angry results.If you didn't think like me,something was wrong with you.Never the problem,still neither the problem solver.So why was I so angry? Lets'see,self inflicted pain,no critical thinking skills.Listening to people who were angry like me.Being a victim of racism.Angry at watching my culture suffer.I thought I could keep justifying being a Angry Blackman. Then one day I had an awakening,you see I had been asleep for quite sometime.I was awaken by those who had been just as angry as me at one time.They taught me how to think different in order to feel and act different.Now yes this was a process,which took time & practice.Now once I made this transition,those angry folk I used to listen to,became angry with me.This is due to me having a healthier mindset.They told me I didn't understand the plight of the Blackman or my culture.How wrong they were,I climbed out of the pit of suffering by my own thinking,which they wanted me to remain in.I'm well aware of what's going on with the plight of Blackmen,I'm a Blackman remember.I can no longer afford to be Angry Blackman.My culture needs critical thinkers,our children are killing each other or being killed by reckless law enforcement,unemployment,whole black families declining,lack of real unity in my culture.Accept for when it's blaming others,and that never last long.I'm disappointed in the fact my culture has not caught on to the fact that the Angry Blackman mindset changes nothing in society or themselves.Yes someone had to wake me up,So this is my way of waking you up.It's as simple as this.We have a Blackman in the White House,who as far as I'm concerned.Has showed us how to handle racism,injustice and constant attacks of every kind.He has never given in to a Angry Black man mindset,to deal with those who want him too.He has kept them off balance by being proactive not reactive.No one can deny it's working.Time to wake up Angry Blackman,ask yourself this question.How's that angry mindset working for you,hopefully you'll answer yourself truthfully.Healthy & critical thinking skills are a must.Society has got you figured out.Due to the repeated Angry Blackman mindset.Change your thinking you will witness change in you & society.No more emotional solutions that don't work.Time to be healthy thinkers and do things different.Give yourself a break,and become willing to let go of the angry mindset.Really what do you have to lose by thinking healthier.I'll tell you what you will lose,that Angry Blackman mindset.
A Blackman who used to be like you

No Violence-Know Peace!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


How many remember the song "We Shall Over Come"?It was the song sung by MLK and those who stood with him during the civil rights movement in the 60's.This song was spiritually inspirational for those who were committed to overcome civil injustice,racial inequality,poverty,etc.This song was sung as rocks were thrown,dogs attacking,police beatings of marchers determined to overcome being treated less than human.Some marchers even lost their lives.Black folks had enough and were unconditionally committed to the movement to change their conditions & status in America.As a child I watched what was happening on TV and listened to the radio to the beginning of change for the oppressed citizens of America.The process had begun,no more sitting in the back of the bus.No more suppression of voting rights.Children of color could attend schools who's policies forbid them from attending."We Shall Over Come",yes we were hopeful ,people of color were making progress towards equality.Then came the assassinations of prominent Black leaders,MLK,Malcolm X and others.This slowed the progression of the "Peoples Movement",the singing seem to stop,the progress that was made was not being nurtured.Complacency seemed to set in by the people through the following years.Did some of us believed that we had arrived in society?Had we forgotten about what sacrifices were made for us,had we lost our way?How did we allow our self respect & pride,our love for one another slip away.What happened to us through the years,maybe it was the "Heroin & Crack epidemic.That swept through communities of color,leaving devastation & death.Has our courage been depleted through the years.It is now 2014,the era of "Sex & Violence.The biggest "Crisis" in America today is "Gun Violence".This is the scourge & plague in America's communities of color.There's a aura of hopelessness coming from people of color today.Remember those who had less than nothing that started the process of change,though today people of color have more.Reality is we still have nothing as a people.No empowerment,no Unity,no real family structure or moral fiber.Children of color killing one another.Our passion to stand for what is right has diminished.We complain on our knees,still we won't stand up for our children.Today we must "Overcome" ourselves,because we've allowed ourselves to forget.Living in denial about how we have a part in what has happened to us.In order to start the process,we have to be willing to be forthright in being diligent,accepting criticism from naysayers.Our children's lives are in peril.We can no longer afford to stand by and let them kill each other.Time for a new "Peoples Movement",still first we must "Overcome" ourselves.Then perhaps by God's will,we will begin to sing our battle cry "We Shall Over Come" in the process to save our children's lives and restore hope.......No Violence-Know Peace!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Remember when Malcolm X stated "By Any Means Necessary",we were Lionhearted.When Muhammad Ali gave up his Championship title and went to jail,for refusing to go to Vietnam,we were Lionhearted.When Nelson Mandela lead the ANC for freedom against Apartheid,spending 28yrs in prison for his people.We were Lionhearted.When Dr.King and the men & women who stood with him Marched in Birmingham,marchers were beaten,attacked by dogs,arrested and lives were lost,we were Lionhearted.When Eartha Kitt quoted "The White House, 1968: "I am a mother and I know the feeling of having a baby come out of my gut. I have a baby and then you send him off to war. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot.",we were Lionhearted.When James Brown recorded the song "I'm Black and I'm Proud",we were Lionhearted.When Harriet Tubman lead slaves to "Freedom",we were Lionhearted.When Tommie Smith & John Carlos  raised Black fist at the 1968 Olympics in protest for "Human Rights",we were Lionhearted.When Nat Turner lead the slave rebellion,we were Lionhearted.These were people with courage & fearless agendas against a system that treated them less than equal.
What have we learned from our predecessors,they lead by example.Showed us the meaning of courage & sacrifice for what is right.Taught us how to be fearless against all odds.Left us blueprints of how to get what we want and need as people of color.If not for them and other men & women where would we be today.There was a time when it was,"one for all & all for one".We had Unity in our communities,lead by Freedom Fighters like the Black Panthers.Even the Hoodlums & Gangsters kept order in the streets of our communities,rules for safe passage.No selling drugs to kids or using them to sell drugs.Putting a gun in a youth's hand was unheard of.
Now look at us today,afraid to be fearless,lacking courage to be Lionhearted.Refusing to Stand Up for ourselves,making excuses,selfish.It's no wonder why our children don't want to hear what we have to say.They're watching us do nothing about our conditions,not addressing blatant racism in the way that we should.Because some of us are afraid of falling out of grace with white supremacy.Cities where the youth & young adults daily death toll is higher than war in some foreign countries.While we stand by and watch it happen.

What has happen to self love and love for our culture?Have we given up?Believe it or not,if we surrender to the fact,it's time act now and do something different we win.If we want better then we must do better.The question is though,do we want better.If the answer is yes,then we must be "Lionhearted" by way of courage & sacrifice.....No Violence-Know Peace!

Friday, February 28, 2014


As far I'm concerned,so far since President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address.He's keeping his word as he has stated "2014 will be a year of action.On 02/26/2014 the President launched the Our Brothers Keeper Initiative.This Initiative is to help young men of color succeed in today's society,due to the deck being stacked against them.Already the President's newest action to help our young men of color in America,is  being met with criticism & skepticism.It's the usual ones who straddle both sides of the fence,who's names I won't mention.I will tell you this though,they look like you and I.These are so called scholars of color who profess their love and concern for young men of color,still seem to have a agenda to discredit the President.One minute they're talking about the President not doing "Enough" and in the next breath they're criticizing & scrutinizing his efforts to make things better.I call these people "Agents of Distraction",who don't want us to believe or have hope for our young men of color.By way of the Presidents actions to improve their status in America's urban communities.I stand with the President and his agenda for young men of color,this is way over due.Now it's time for us to do our part,cause the President is counting on us to help make it happen.Our young men of color need to know we support them in their struggle & effort to become productive members of society.We must make it a priority to promote hope for those who believe it's hopeless.We must give them choices and convince them that inspite of the odds they can make it!"Mentorship & Critical Thinking"workshops must be applied by us with skills is this field. Consistency in developing healthy mindsets.Some young men are going to need mental health assistance.We need people who are willing to volunteer on all levels.These are our sons,grandsons,stepsons & nephews.Gun Violence & prison have claimed "Enough" of our young men of color.We must make a unconditional commitment to being our "Brothers Keeper".The President stated that the GOP frowns on his Initiative,because of money for programs.Still the the President indicated there is money which will be allotted to those who have programs that work and produce results for young men of color.We can also use our own resources & assets to help with cost.The naysayers are not with this Initiative cause they work for those who don't want to see the President's Initiative succeed.Their primary purpose is to be at distraction.Being "Our Brothers Keeper" will help our young men of color succeed.And succeed they will by way of God & us."This is not a Dream,this is the Mission"...No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Can we make history,the question is how?Maybe the question should be are we willing,ready & able to make history during the President Obama era.Can we make Black empowerment a priority not just a dream or idea?Are we willing to Unify as one people,practicing and promoting "Our Common Welfare" comes first in order for us to rise as a people?Are we able to stand up as Back men & woman against policies & laws detrimental to our children?Are we ready to give a selfless commitment to changing the mindsets of the hopeless and bring more awareness to our communities?Are we willing to show up at the polls this 2014,and vote the GOP out of congress?Are we ready to start holding our local and state government accountable,and stop blaming the President about not "Enough" being done for Black people? Well if your answer is yes to these few questions,then it's time for a new chapter in Black history.So far the new chapter of Black history has begun by the election of a Black man to the highest office in the nation.Now lets not just settle for that,lets do more.Starting with a nation wide boycott of corporate America.Such as the music industry,boycott companies that refuse to pay a living wage.Make a commitment to buy only what we need and less of what we want.This will empower us as a people due the "fact",black folk are the biggest consumers in the nation.Black women wearing their hair natural,will bring the hair weave industry to their knees.This is more empowerment that will produce offers of shares in the hair weave industry for Black folk.New standards being demanded in education,concerning our children's future.Creation of community alliances for the betterment of our daily living. Stopping the pipeline to prison agenda,by way of sit ins at state capitals.Bring back Black family values,which will lead to less single parent homes.Black men standing together,instead of killing one another.Leading by example,with a critical thinking mindset.No more stereo type views of one another by Black men & women. Accountability will lead to stability in the Black community.Donations to build self help centers in urban communities.Standing as one voice when it's time to say "No" to what not beneficial to Black folk as a whole. Creating more Black entrepreneurship and Black owned businesses.Demand that due to their age employment discrimination against Black men & women between the ages 45-60 be addressed.More focus on raising our status as Black people in America.I'm aware this is a tall order,still Black folk,we can make it happen.Cause I've had "Enough" and so have you.Now "Lets Make History"....No Violence-Know Peace!