Friday, June 28, 2013


S/E Queens N.Y. political machine is in shambles due to corruption,indictments & convictions of several Senators.Wires worn by some Senators to trap other Senators. I've heard it said,there's no loyalty amongst thieves,is this the case in the political arena in S/E Queens N.Y.?Hmmm I wonder,one thing is for sure though. It's not a good look for candidates running for office.What will candidates have to do to gain the voters of S/E Queens N.Y. trust? Clearly their actions will have to match their words.Or are the candidates counting on voters to blindly cast their vote.What issues are the candidates willing to commit to,without selling out the constituents.Partitions are in effect for new candidates and candidates seeking reelection.Can the voters trust some candidates past records and what about the new candidates abilities to do a better job? I say we must choose carefully and hold candidates accountable this election.We need guarantees from whomever is elected.Our communities lack real leadership.Major changes need to be made concerning Gun Violence Prevention, Community Safety & the stopping of guns being flooded into our communities.Candidates agendas must address the voters main concerns.I insist we the voters do not drop the ball this election.No more selected political leaders,it's time for real elected political leaders.As voters we must make sure this happens.Lets make our vote count this election,our children's lives and community safety is at stake..........No Violence-Know Peace!