Saturday, October 3, 2015


Inner city communities of color,schools,churches,malls & movie theaters.These are the "Killing Fields" of America.Youth & young adults of color murdering each other in their communities,lone gunmen aka "Homegrown Terrorist",murdering unsuspecting men,women & children all across America by way of mass shootings.In places places where America's citizens believe they are safe from the "Crisis" of Gun Violence in the US..Families shattered by the untimely death of their loved ones.Meanwhile Guns are still being flooded into communities of color,States with open carry of weapons,still in effect.Government has yet to take major actions to prevent further death from happening at the steady pace,that it is.Politicians blaming the NRA,folks standing on the 2nd Amendment.Meanwhile people are still being killed.Gun makers & dealers seem to be operating with impunity.Some of America's citizens acting as if it's no big deal,until the "Plague of Gun Violence" comes to their town or knocks on their door.2016 Presidential candidates standing on their soap boxes,making speeches about the senseless death of America's citizens.Still offering no real solutions,the President calling on Congress to take action.America's Gun Laws need a serious remix.Too many of its citizens are dying due to greed and the no value for life.Mass shootings increasing,where is the fix for this "Epidemic".Any country outside the US. who harms or threaten American citizens on American soil or abroad are dealt with severely.Still here in the US.,it's own citizens who murder others are not being dealt with in the manner that they should.If a weapon is built by another country,that America perceives as a threat to the safety of it's citizens.Actions are taken to defuse the threat.Still here in America mass shooting,gang violence etc. still goes on.The "Killing Fields" of America continue to grow.The citizens of  the US. must demand action now,their loved ones who died are the collateral damage,of greed & procrastination.Society is in peril,victims of greed and so called rights.Meanwhile the the body count still rises......No Violence-Know Peace!