Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've heard it said if nothing changes,nothing changes.Its now being said marches & rallies have failed to bring peace back to our communities,One or two stop the violence organizations won't do it either.Has a unified alliance been tried,I'm not sure,still I believe it could work.A alliance of men from Grass Roots Orgs. to  who are willing to collaborate with other Orgs. for one cause.President Obama's "My Brothers Keeper Initiative". First connections need to be established and strong relationships built,unconditional commitment,Sharing resources.The execution of strategies,programs & reports of  the results,scheduled meetings.Respecting each organization's autonomy,This means no dictating to other Orgs. Spending more time on putting plans into action and less time talking about it.Becoming more visible in the community at large. Practice a selfless agenda and volunteering when necessary to help other Orgs. Being models of action,leading by example.Disagreeing without being disagreeable,keeping the primary purpose of the "My Brother's Keeper Initiative".This is not a "Self Serving" agenda. Let spiritual guidance be our conscious and our numbers our strength under God,let no entity divide us, also the recruiting of men in the communities to help in reaching out to male youth & young adults.This could work with love & action.............................NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!