Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I grew up in a time when being bullied by someone didn't have the impact that it has today.Bullies prey on the weak,timid & the person who at times is different from everyone else.Such as gay,smart or looked upon as nerds. Today's bullies are not just youth & young adults.Their adults who are pedophiles who gain their victims trust before violating them sexually.College students abusing other students in a variety of ways,with no regard of the damage it results in nor consequences.Today our children & young adults are committing suicide in epidemic proportions due to bullying.Today there are prevention programs to prevent bullying.Are they working,the statistics say no.Schools have prevention programs,there are community activist against bullying. US States have setup special anti bullying campaigns.I say more parents need to be involved.After all these are their children.The parents of children who are bullies need to be involved.Even the teachers in schools are afraid of the bullies and the parents who some breed their children to be bullies. Technology has taken bullying to a higher level.Bullying can be done by internet,cell phone,etc.Parents really need to step up their surveillance of who their child is talking to on their cell & chatting with on the internet.Start being aware of signs of change of behavior,who their friends are and who they give their personal info to.Start screening calls & ask for back ground checks of coaches in school.Saving our children from physical and mental harm must be a major priority,starting in the home.Our children need to know they can count on their parents to protect them from bullies & sexual predators.Teach our children how to protect themselves and when to call for help.It's up to us the parents to "Save Our Children"..........NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!