Thursday, May 19, 2016


As much as I respect & admire President Obama,I disagree with the decision to let LGBTQ use the restroom of their choice.Students can't pray in school,still this crap is ok, nah.I'm not liberal minded about everything.Now a days you can't say nor disagree without being labeled anti something.Or what you say has to be "Politically Correct". I was labeled from birth due to the fact I'm Black.So do you really think I give a damn about making sure I say what's agreeable to others,hell no.This don't say this or that is bullshit,I'm not a member of the "Go Along To Get Along" club.This making wrong right is out of control in my view.I can say no,I have that right,inspite of what others think.It's funny how others are so sensitive about their rights,meanwhile what about my rights.Who are you to deny me the same privilege you want.Blacks still climbing the ladder of equality & respect,while others want their birth certificates changed,so now we're falsifying birth documents and making it legal...."Seriously".I know hard truth has become taboo in today's society,In my view that's a major problem.Heterosexual life style is under attack by folks who have a political secret agenda,what about the children?It's a invasion of a child's innocence,what happen to the appropriate time to expose a child to certain things.It's been compromised by those who say they need to know,well nobody ask me that's for sure.What the hell do we stand for today,apparently we're not standing for anything.Instead we're fallin for everything.Not me though,nor does anyone else have too either.There is some insane justification of issues that are just not right.So I say fuck "Politically Correct",yes that's right I said it.........No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I was talking with a good friend of mine ,the other day.We were discussing the Presidential race and the Republican & Democratic front runners for President.How it has been a circus to say the least,especially on the Republican side.My friend stated to me that it was the Republicans turn to be in the White House,which means D.Trump would be Americas next President in 2017.Could this be true I hope not,America allowing someone like D.Trump to be President of this great country? If so then the USA is headed for unspeakable types of turmoil.Yes racism is a vile entity,still I refuse to believe they would allow D.Trump to be President.Though in the times we live in today,I'm not sure.So much has gone on and still going on in society today,one can only wonder,what's next?Myself I'm a believer of good & evil,has my God decided to let the devil reign,has my faith been shakened? Is this the beginning of the end,or is this the "Wake Up" call America needs.Society has compromised itself to appease those who have their own self interest in a effect.Black folk dying by violence of all kinds and still not receiving the justice they are entitled to.LGBT wanna use whatever restroom they choose,Flint Mi. water crisis,False Prophets still lying & local Politicians too.Untimely deaths musical "Icons",Media propaganda.Communities of color allowing the murder of it's own sons & daughters,by the hands of each other.Where's the "Anger & Outrage or has it become the norm?A lot of folk being released from prison and folks are cheering,still no ones asking do all of them need to be freed?Gentrification  in communities of color at a high rate across the nation,meanwhile Minorities steadily loosing ground in America.Are we now living in a every man & woman for themselves society.Has reality TV become Americas reality? If not Christian,Muslim,Buddhist or what ever you choose to be.Your spiritual belief is wrong,how did we allow this to happen.Have we been that distracted,is it our new cell phones or short attention span.That will have us saying "WTH"?Maybe it's just me,maybe I'm not adjusting to well with what a lot of folk seem to be comfortable with.Well my spirit won't allow me to adjust nor accept the madness I've be seeing unfold in America today.I know I don't stand alone either,many are feeling and saying the same thing.I never have believed everything I've heard,still most of what I see,I do believe."THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING IN AMERICA,BUT IT IS"!................No Violence-Know Peace!