Tuesday, September 16, 2014


More and more these days parents are losing parental rights to be a parent.Parents are being told how to discipline their children,by people who don't raise them.Nor feed,clothe and keep a roof over their heads.How have parents allowed the system to dictate whats right or wrong for your child.To me this seems to have started with the case of http://www.crimelibrary.com/notorious_murders/family/lisa_steinberg/1.html.This was a horrendous act of child abuse and murder committed by Joel Steinberg.He also physically abused his wife,by way of domestic violence.This guy was a monster.Since 1987 Child Services have upgraded their authority,when it comes to child abuse.Slowly they have taken away parents rights to discipline their children by way of corporal punishment.Especially in urban communities,where I must admit there have been a lot of child abuse atrocities.All parents are not alike,still parents of color have been generalize by the system.This system is very controlling,one of the tactics that's used is fear.They use the educational system, a child may come to school with a bruise from playing rough with friends or falling while playing.Right away the child is questioned about the injury.And in some cases,some over zealous school staff member will call child services.Which leads to the parent being investigated for alleged child abuse.This is unnecessary harassment in some cases.Child abuse and disciplining your child are two different things.In today's society it has been made to mean the same thing.Well I say that's wrong.Parenting today is not like parenting in years past.In years past a neighbor could spank you child and there was no issue.I personally got my "Behind whooped" by neighbors,babysitters & relatives.There wasn't a problem,belts,switches etc..Was it labeled as child abuse,no.Now today society has all kinds of pros &cons about how to or not to discipline children.The system has inadvertently given children more rights than the parents.Some children have capitalized on this,by using their rights to keep their parents in the fear of the system zone.Raising children in today's society is a very daunting task.Protecting them from society ills,raising them with love & caring.Keeping them in the right direction,inspite of all the influences in today's uncensored society.Which entice children to misbehave.A child at times can be very rebellious.A child needs to know and understand who is in charge.The negative behaviors some parents have allowed their children to display to me is unacceptable.It's time for parents to not allow the system to keep them from being solid parents.Spanking today has somehow become taboo.I get that some folk don't agree with spanking,still I understand parents who do.Now lets take a look at some of our children today.Disrespectful & loud in public,little children acting out in school.Talking back,questioning why they can't,all up in grown folk business.One of the reasons this behavior is happening is the system.I say good parents must do what's necessary,for the best interest of their children.Too many judgmental folk who don't raise your child nor help,need to shutup.Society & the system has got many parents psyched out.We need a good parents today,especially children of color.So I say if your a good parent and occasionally spank your child.So be it,don't let anyone tell you your a abusive parent........No Violence-Know Peace!