Thursday, December 15, 2016


Dear President Barack H. Obama,
Let me start off with saying thank you.In 2008 you stepped into the biggest house in the nation,taking on a "Depression" disguised as a "Recession.This mess was created and left behind by the former White House administration.I remember you stating it would take at least 8yrs before America would start to see relief.That told me you were going to be a two term President of the United States.Even though there were those stating you would only be a one term President. I remember how emotional I was as you were sworn in as President of the United States.Proud of a Black man who was not only the first Black President, who also was going to be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.The house that was built by slaves was now being lived in by the descendants of slaves.I watched as you and the First Lady led by example of how to be great Black parents to your daughters.I was inspired by your integrity & tenacity as a man,who faced un-measurable racist attacks. In-spite of odds & obstacles you led our country with dignity & valor.Not allowing racist distractions and character assassinations from some so called black scholars who claimed they loved you , to stand in your way. You took down the worlds most wanted terrorist and many more.You help the auto industry get back on it's feet.Made health care affordable for all Americans.Signed E/O for Black Excellence In Education.Initiated the My Brother's Keeper Initiative for Black male youth & young adults.Brought soldiers home from a war they shouldn't have been fighting.Mr. President I know running this nation was no easy task,especially when you had some in Government who opposed everything that was good for America,just because of the color of your skin.I admire the way you never allowed yourself to display "Angry Black Man". Instead you kept your composure and never blinked.As a Black man and single father of a 10yr old little girl,I learned a lot from you.How to be proactive and not reactive. Mr. President you will be be dearly missed,I'm proud to have witnessed history made by you.One of the greatest leaders of America the world has ever seen.You gave a message to our Black youth & young adults,that there are no excuses.That if you do the work you can make it all the way to the "White House".Put pride back in a lot of Black families across the nation.Mr. President on your last day in office,I will probably be emotional again,I will miss you.So again I say thank you and farewell.

With Respect & Admiration
Tony V. Nix

Sunday, November 13, 2016


For 8yrs racist in America chanted we want our country back,now that there's a new President elect about to take office.Racist believe they will have their wish,really?Racist have you forgotten that your European ancestors invaded this land you call yours. Obviously you have.This country was built on the backs of slaves,by their labor,blood,sweat & tears.How dare you claim a country that never was yours,nor built by you.Your savage,satanic mindset gives you this false sense of entitlement because of your colorless skin.You have used God's word by perverting it for your own gain.Now you believe you are the  ones who will "Reign in America" because of the 2016 Presidential results. You've already started your cowardly attacks on people who you believe are beneath you.Yes I said "Cowardly",cause some of you are still hiding under sheets.America isn't going to allow you to invoke fear in them.Yes the election exposed how divided America is,who do you think benefited more from this.Rest assure not you Racist cowards,you been exposed.We know who a lot of your are now.You let your hateful mindset consume you so that you let us see who you really are.The President elect counted on your hateful minds for him to win the election,actually he used you for a agenda that doesn't even include most of you.Your going to be used as a distraction,meanwhile gaining nothing to improve your own well being. Your going to be eaten like certain breeds of animals who eat their own.We the people of all cultures & religions will not be bullied nor terrorized by you.We will stand up for what is right,yes didn't you see this coming.Blacks sure as hell aren't afraid of you,"Unity" is spreading like a wild fire.You want a race war that's not going to happen,we can defeat you by using your own hate against you.So Celebrate for the moment,cause it's not going  to last very long.Even "Hitler's Reign" eventually fell,your " Racist Reign "will be short lived.Because the citizens of America will not allow you to intimidate nor surrender their freedoms as a people.How dare you believe a Racist America is Great America,only a insane fool would believe such nonsense.Allowing you to turn this Great country into what you believe is right because of your colorless skin.Is the Greatest lie you have chosen to believe.Now Mr. & Mrs. Reckneck prepare to reap what you've sown......No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


As Black man I must vote in-spite of my view of the candidates for President of the U.S..I vote in honor of those who stood their ground against racism & oppression.Black men & women committed for the right to vote.Many jailed,beaten even some killed,still in-spite of the odds they faced.Nothing was going to stop their determination for the right to vote.I watched as a youngster back the 60's as Black folk held the line and refused to be turned around.Facing America's most brutal racist oppressors.Black leadership was strong then,courageous & committed,Black folk had "Enough" of being denied the same rights of White folks,especially in southern states.My eyes widen by the viciousness displayed by bigoted,hate filled racist.What I witnessed will forever be etched in my mind,the victory and the blood that was shed to achieve it.Yes today I vote out of respect to the Black men & women who if not for their diligence,I would not be able to vote today.To me voting is about honor & Black pride,leading by example for my children &grandchildren.Yes the candidates all promise better times for Black folks once elected.Which is only said to gain Black votes.I'm not naive about elections,I know that it takes Black folks with mindsets like those of the 60's to bring about real change for Blacks in America.Still though in-spite myself,I will vote.Not voting to me,is like having blood on my hands,the blood of those who made it possible for me to vote.I vote today so that I will know their efforts were not in vain....No Violence-Know Peace!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


In the five boros of NYC gentrification is in full effect,due to the selling out by city,state,local elected officials & community boards .Back room deals made with developers and the invasion of  White people & East Indians.Meanwhile Blacks are left out of the loop and being lied to by local elected officials.Blacks are being railroaded out their own communities.Due to greed and plans that don't include them. All Black communities are a thing of the past in the 5 boros of NYC.This was well planned years ago by those who will look their constituents in the face and say they didn't know.The only interest these elected officials have is their own.The worst part of is that most of the elected officials are Black. Perpetrators of misrepresentation for the constituents they're suppose to represent,"Sellouts".Merchants doing business in Black communities and not hiring any Blacks,instead hiring their own kind. Buildings being built for the new occupants of the once Black communities.Banks loaning money to the new people meanwhile denying Blacks any loans.Allowing Bloomberg a third term doomed  NYC's Black communities.Blacks who have spoke out about the selling out of their communities have been bullied at community board meetings.By the elected officials who's salaries they pay and helped get in office by votes.Has anyone noticed the amount of storage warehouses that have popped up in Black communities,these are for the Blacks who can no longer afford to live in their own community.Parts of city housing being sold to "Developers" to rid Black folks out of apartments.Crooked political machines in the 5 boros have let greed put Blacks in survival mode.These same elected officials will turn on each other in heartbeat,especially if he or she does not go along to get along.Some of them it's way past time to be out of office,most of them have been winning elections by default.Their tactics to keep opponents off the ballot has been taking them to court to prevent or get them kicked off the ballot.When and how will their be change of this practice of staying in office by using the system to stop the young and new folk who want to bring change to Black communities and represent the constituents the way they should be.You beat a machine with a better machine and it's coming 2021.The sellouts will be getting the hell out.No more of leading the elderly to vote blindly to keep your do nothing asses in office,so enjoy your terms.Cause your time is running out.Blacks have the right to fairness in the 5 boros of NYC......No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


I remember as a youngster seeing "Cassius Clay" fight for the first time in my room,on a black & white 19inch TV. Instantly I became a fan of the "Greatest",C.Clay had bravado & character as he reigned in the boxing ring as the Heavy Weight Champion.He would predict the round his opponents would fall,Archie Moore in round 4.And most times the fight would end just as he predicted. His  hands & feet where quick and so was his mouth.His opponents tried to shut his mouth in the ring and failed,outside the ring Racism couldn't silence him either As far as I was concerned he was invincible in & out of the ring.Black folk in America had a new hero in a time in America where  racial turmoil was in effect.Dr.King was gathering the masses,Malcolm X was too.Blacks in America were rising up against racism.Cassius Clay became "Muhammad Ali and became a Muslim.Not only was Ali a champion in the ring,he became a champion of civil rights & social justice.He became a role model for Black men in America.Ali never compromised his beliefs nor his principals.As much as America loved him,there was a part of America that hated him.Racism would go after him using his opponents in the ring,fighters like Floyd Patterson & Ernie Terrell who refused to address the champ by his new name.They were punished by Ali in the ring for their disrespect.Meanwhile the champ's mouth still roared outside the ring.He stood with with Black leadership and marched for Civil Rights.He stood with Malcolm X at a time when America had Malcolm X in their cross hairs.The Vietnam war was raging at this time.Black men were being drafted with the quickness,some returning home missing limbs and strung out on drugs. Vietnam was a ugly war.Influential Blacks & Black leadership were speaking out against the war.America decided to draft the champ,Ali refused to  answer the draft.America's justice system convicted Ali of draft evasion,stripping him of his Heavy Weight title.Black folk were so united that Ali became the "Peoples Champ".It didn't matter who held the title in ring.The People's Champ over shadowed them.During the era of Ali,Black folks had a "Unity" that couldn't be broken.America had murdered MLK & Malcolm X was assassinated.Still Black folk stood up for themselves addressed each other by Brother or Sister.There was pride & respect for each other.In 1971 America's justice system overturned Ali's conviction for Draft evasion.Ali hadn't been in the ring for 3yrs. Black folks were anxious to see the "People's Champ" become the "Heavy Weight Champion" once again.He did regain the title after several fights.Black folks hero was back,still at the same time Black Unity started to deteriorate,drugs & 60s riots had ravaged Black communities.The pride & respect was not as strong as it was.The progress that was made by way of strong black leadership,commitment & sacrifice by the people.All of a sudden was not being nurtured,instead complacency was setting in.Today in America that complacency has comeback to haunt Black folk in America.Though in my view God has blessed Black folk with another "People's Champ",his name is Barack H. Obama.He's the President of the US,with the courage of MLK,the tenacity of Malcolm X & the "Championship spirit of Muhammad Ali". During his Presidency President B.Obama has "Floated Like A Butterfly & Stung Like Bee".His message to Black men has been "Rumble Young Man Rumble"..........No Violence-Know Peace!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


As much as I respect & admire President Obama,I disagree with the decision to let LGBTQ use the restroom of their choice.Students can't pray in school,still this crap is ok, nah.I'm not liberal minded about everything.Now a days you can't say nor disagree without being labeled anti something.Or what you say has to be "Politically Correct". I was labeled from birth due to the fact I'm Black.So do you really think I give a damn about making sure I say what's agreeable to others,hell no.This don't say this or that is bullshit,I'm not a member of the "Go Along To Get Along" club.This making wrong right is out of control in my view.I can say no,I have that right,inspite of what others think.It's funny how others are so sensitive about their rights,meanwhile what about my rights.Who are you to deny me the same privilege you want.Blacks still climbing the ladder of equality & respect,while others want their birth certificates changed,so now we're falsifying birth documents and making it legal...."Seriously".I know hard truth has become taboo in today's society,In my view that's a major problem.Heterosexual life style is under attack by folks who have a political secret agenda,what about the children?It's a invasion of a child's innocence,what happen to the appropriate time to expose a child to certain things.It's been compromised by those who say they need to know,well nobody ask me that's for sure.What the hell do we stand for today,apparently we're not standing for anything.Instead we're fallin for everything.Not me though,nor does anyone else have too either.There is some insane justification of issues that are just not right.So I say fuck "Politically Correct",yes that's right I said it.........No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I was talking with a good friend of mine ,the other day.We were discussing the Presidential race and the Republican & Democratic front runners for President.How it has been a circus to say the least,especially on the Republican side.My friend stated to me that it was the Republicans turn to be in the White House,which means D.Trump would be Americas next President in 2017.Could this be true I hope not,America allowing someone like D.Trump to be President of this great country? If so then the USA is headed for unspeakable types of turmoil.Yes racism is a vile entity,still I refuse to believe they would allow D.Trump to be President.Though in the times we live in today,I'm not sure.So much has gone on and still going on in society today,one can only wonder,what's next?Myself I'm a believer of good & evil,has my God decided to let the devil reign,has my faith been shakened? Is this the beginning of the end,or is this the "Wake Up" call America needs.Society has compromised itself to appease those who have their own self interest in a effect.Black folk dying by violence of all kinds and still not receiving the justice they are entitled to.LGBT wanna use whatever restroom they choose,Flint Mi. water crisis,False Prophets still lying & local Politicians too.Untimely deaths musical "Icons",Media propaganda.Communities of color allowing the murder of it's own sons & daughters,by the hands of each other.Where's the "Anger & Outrage or has it become the norm?A lot of folk being released from prison and folks are cheering,still no ones asking do all of them need to be freed?Gentrification  in communities of color at a high rate across the nation,meanwhile Minorities steadily loosing ground in America.Are we now living in a every man & woman for themselves society.Has reality TV become Americas reality? If not Christian,Muslim,Buddhist or what ever you choose to be.Your spiritual belief is wrong,how did we allow this to happen.Have we been that distracted,is it our new cell phones or short attention span.That will have us saying "WTH"?Maybe it's just me,maybe I'm not adjusting to well with what a lot of folk seem to be comfortable with.Well my spirit won't allow me to adjust nor accept the madness I've be seeing unfold in America today.I know I don't stand alone either,many are feeling and saying the same thing.I never have believed everything I've heard,still most of what I see,I do believe."THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING IN AMERICA,BUT IT IS"!................No Violence-Know Peace!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


President Obama was elected in 2008,facing a "Depression" disguised as a "Recession".He stated it would take 8yrs before America would begin to recover from the Bush administration's destruction of Americas economy.He had to face Wall st.,which was holding America hostage, unless they got a bailout.America would suffer the consequences.Racism had become enraged by the fact that a Blackman lived in the house,they said a Blackman would never live in.Obama's reign began with outright Racial attacks by those who's greatest fear had materialized,A Blackman in the highest office in America.Racism disguised as the "Tea Party" and other entities on a mission to bring President Obama down by any means necessary.President Obama didn't blink at how he was verbally attacked & character assassinated.So racism declared war against Black America,by way of murder of Black America's children. Racism's mission is to destroy Black culture in America.Even if it meant some of their own had to suffer.To them it was just collateral damage.Gun Violence escalated,unarmed Black men & women were being murdered.Racism in America was now enforcing Police state tactics throughout America's inner cities of color.Unemployment was high especially for Black America.homelessness rose to due to the highest rate of foreclosures in America's history.Since being in office,now his second term.President has brought America back from the brink of disaster.Affordable Healthcare Act,Employment has risen,gas is down,E/O's "My Brother's Keeper Initiative" ,"Black Excellence In Education".Gun Sale Prevention Initiatives to prevent the occurring mass shootings happening in suburban America.Now here we are in the 4th QT of the Obama's Presidency. Racism's attack on Black America is relentless,Water Crisis in Flint,Mich.Racist Presidential candidates speaking against people of color and certain religious beliefs.Media fueling the fire with propaganda.Racism is recruiting agents of color to help in bringing Black America down.Black America is fighting back with a "Black Lives Matter" campaign across the country ,to bring justice for the fallen.Racist militia groups occupying land that belongs to Native Americans.Racism's weapon purchases has risen.Are they about to star a race war,maybe.Home grown Racist terror attacks in Black churches,several Black churches burned down.Yes it's the last QT. and the President is using the power of the pen "Veto",to remind Racism who's in charge.Obama has made history as one of America's greatest leaders,the first Blackman to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,Washington DC..Winner of the "Nobel Peace Prize".Racism is greatly afraid of another courageous Black man or woman who can rise to power,as our current President has done.President Obama stated in his last SOTU address that he wasn't done yet,there was still more work to be done.He stated if those in Government who oppose him,refuse to work with him for the betterment of America.He'll get it done without them.Racism right away stated the President is over stepping his ground.How will Racism strike back?By continuing the war against Black culture in America.Remember it's the 4th QT Black America,Racism is about to break more of the rules of the game,dirty tactics & flagrant fouls are in effect.Watch your back Black America,time to send in our best.We got a lot young talent with fresh minds and game plans.Elders & OG's ready to assists in keeping Black Culture in the game of "Living In America".Racism we know how to beat you and send you off the field in defeat. Racism I know your wondering what's Black cultures game plan,we're not tellin. See you on the field..................No Violence-Know Peace!