Tuesday, July 13, 2021


A lot of our Black Youth & young adults have been dumbed down by social media and corrupted by societies ills.They have no pride nor real respect for themselves.Lets not forget the slack parents who are just as dumb.Our young Black teenage girls are on the internet shaking their asses and no one seems to care.Grown ass folk are condoning this behavior along with the same ignorance that is promoted by way of the internet.Black young women with low self esteem seeking attention via social media.Sexual predaters lying in wait to pounce when oppurtunity permits.Our Young Black youth & young men being influenced by trap music and trap lifestyles,while shooting each other down on a daily basis.And no value for life either.It's disappointing & disgusting to watch how reckless this generation has become. "Politically Correct" is poison to this generation.It projects perverted and twisted behavior. Black youth wanting to be grown and have no idea what life is really about.They're feeding each other a lot of bad information.They have no God concious and are not being spiritually fed by their parent/parents. Most of their fathers are MIA,incarcerated or dead. Some parents have given up all together.Leaving their children to fend for themselves in a society that will swallow them up and shit them out.Young Black men & youth wearing clothes designed by Gay designers,therefore making them look Gay even if they're not (Pay Attention),this is done by design.The Gay agenda has a subtle attack Black masculinity.This young Black generation wants to do whatever they want,even if it's reckless with deadly results. Where have we gone wrong is what I ask myself and who's responsible for this young generations mindset of self destruction. Are we too busy watching reality TV or listening to the same trap music they listen to.Are we blaming racism,what about leading by example.Is it too late to do anything,have we let it get too far,perhaps we have!So what about the babies of this generation,what's to become of them? Has this even crossed anyones mind.How have we let this insanity become the norm.They're calling themselves Kings & Queens,meanwhile really looking like court jesters.Their whole look is fake,from top to bottom.Oh but don't tell them that though,cause you'll be labeled a hater or anti something.This Fuckery is tragic.Millennials is what society calls them.Well in my view it's time to raise the bar and call this generation out on their lost mindsets.We must,we have to.Cause if we don't.We'll only have ouselves to blame. "Enough Is Enough" Save Our Children....

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Police shooting of unarmed Black men again and again,have become the norm in America.The amount White officers who have killed dozens of unarmed Black Americans is disgusting.Justice for the Black victims of excessive force by White officers is rarely achieved.The value of a Black man's life in America is worthless due to "White Supremacy" & "Systemic Racism".White people in America don't get killed by White police officers when they're unarmed,even if they have committed mass murder,why?Because they're White that's why.America is a power keg with a short fuse.Being Black in America is dangerous,we have killers in law enforcement.Who execute young Black men & women with no remorse.This is not going to stop until the so called good police do something about the bad police,The infiltration of "White Supremacy" in law enforment is a major issue that's not being addressed. To them"Black Lives" don't just matter,we have the right to live without fear of being killed for something as simple as a traffic stop,just as White Americans do.Black leadership must do more to prevent further murder of Black Americans by White law enforcement.Not just Rev A.Sharpton and a few Black attorneys who represent the families of the victims.Where are the pastors of these mega churches,it's time for them to step up for justice for Black Americans.Local Black elected politicians your "MIA".Time to step out of your comfort zone for the lives of Black Americans.Maybe your afraid of being killed yourself.You can run but you can't hide.It's amazing how at the funerals of Black victims of murder by White law enforcement,seems to be attended by Black Activist such as "BLM" and others fighting for change.Civil unrest occurs always after a murder of a unarmed Black American.Most of White America could careless about the murder of unarmed Black Americans as long as it's not affecting them.Time to become committed to saving Black lives,America's leadreship must do more to protect the live of it's Black citizens.Federal intervention is way over do,because state governments have failed to address the issue of "Black Lives Matter".Time for those in power in America to put some skin in the game.Black Americans have earned the right not to live in fear nor to continually be oppressed by White Supremacy.Black Americans have come from slavery,have gone the extra miles to become productive citizens,even President & Vice President of America.That's what drives the hate & fear of White Supremacy in America and it's greed for power and money.So as many of us that can be killed like public lynchings the better they feel about holding on to the insane belief ,that they are superior.So why do "They Keep Killings Us",America is not doing enough to stop it.A vaccince was created in less than a year to fight COVID-19 in America.America needs to creat a vaccine to stop the killing of unarmed Black citizens by White law enforcement.Time for zero tolerance.... "Enough Is Enough No Violence Know Peace

Friday, January 8, 2021


FaceBook has disabled dozens of FB accounts without warning,when reviews were requested.They were denied,FB message stated the decision could not be reversed due to violating FB community standards.FaceBook has profiled certain FB accounts & groups and disabling them based on bogus violation of FB community standards.Upon disabling FB has stolen all of the disabled accounts property.FaceBook has made it impossible to contact them.They're using "AI" and generated answers.FaceBook planned this,then targeted peoples accounts & various groups.Having a FB account means risking having your FB account disabled,along with the content being stolen by FB.It is time to put FaceBook on notice,if not for us who have helped FB grow,we will not just go away.We must take this unfair practice of disabling accounts to the world,FaceBook must be pressured to answer for what they"re doing to accounts with predujice.Within FB there is a entity who has chosen to single out accounts and groups that are influential,positive,objective & Awareness.The only action that will get FB's attention is a massive "BOYCOTT".We helped build it's existence by joining the social media platform.How dare they take us for granted and treat us unfairly.So let us start the "BOYCOTT" campaign by using other social media platforms,Youtube,Twitter,Instagram,etc.We want to also make mainsteam media aware of FaceBook's radical actions being used to Disable accounts & groups,particuly Black men & women also Black groups with large memberships.My name is Tony V. Nix,join me in Boycotting and any other soical media platform FB has their hands in... BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT