Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Are African Americans unknowingly fueling the "New Jim Crow" machine? Are troubled black male youth & young adults the new commodity in the stock market, for shareholders who have invested in Corporate Corrections prisoners for profit agenda? Can the fact that the high unemployment rate for black males,not be by coincidence?Now let's look at why African Americans are the primary fuel for the "New Jim Crow"machine.Unemployment of black males forcing some to choose crime,in order to survive.Uneducated black males coming from dysfunctional backgrounds,who are in Gangs. Perpetrators of Gun Violence & Drug dealing in African American communities.Black children being primed in schools,who's staff diagnose them as ADHD. Which lead to ADHD meds being prescribed,that cause serious behavior side effects,which effect their thinking process.Poverty leading young black males into male prostitution.The lack of black fathers stepping up for their children.Black women who continue to have babies by men who abandon them and the child.What about black males who are listening to those on Urban radio. Thinking they're being schooled by them,are really fooled by them.Attraction by distraction is how the "New Jim Crow" machine is being fueled. Separation by frustration.This is all happening by design."Oh" did I mention the lack of African Americans paying attention.Time to catch on to what's in effect as I write this blog.That young African American's future across the nation is in a "State Of Emergency".............No Violence-Know Peace