Monday, December 30, 2013



God grant us the Courage to change the things we can change,the Serenity to accept those we cannot change and the Wisdom to know the difference.Still God,grant us the Courage not give up on what we think is right,even though we think it is hopeless!


Why do Black folk refuse to empower themselves,when they can by willingness & action.Boycotts of major stores that have racial profiling policies.Can empower Black folk,we are America's biggest consumers.This is a major power that we are not using.Corporate America needs the Black dollar in order to continue to get rich,get it!If Black folk want change in their children's education,then we need to show up at PTA meetings and voice what we want for our children.Instead of accepting what is given.Stop making excuses.Education is what our children need for their future,in order to be productive members of society.It is imperative that parents have a say so about their education,this is more empowerment Black folks.Now the racial issue,according to some of the "Conscious community",Black folk can't empower themselves due to racism.Some even promote racial tensions,which will not be productive for Black folk.Racism isn't going anywhere,so if your not use to it,get use to it.Don't allow it to be a convenient excuse not to empower yourselves Black folk.Empowerment in Black communities can happen by believing that it can happen.It's time to start with the simple word "No".No we will not allow guns to be flooded into our communities.No to the gentrification of our communities.No to living in fear and under siege due the "Plague of  Gun Violence",in the community.No to those who try to stop our empowerment.Economic empowerment can be achieved by forming coalitions.Taking the Black dollar and keeping it in the Black communities,by way of planning and execution.Black folk have more assets and resources than realized,that are not being used to empower ourselves.These are simple solutions believe it or not.Just need to ask yourselves have we had "Enough"?President Obama is only going to be in office until 2016,Black folks's time is now.Stop listening to the naysayers,they don't have our best interest at heart.Even though they look like us.We must promote our own empowerment in order to change our conditions & status in society.I don't have all the ideas & solutions,still those that I've given will work. So as Arsenio Hall says Black folk "Lets Get Busy".............................No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I've heard all the pros & cons on why inner city communities plagued with Gun Violence refuse to take their communities back.How many more youth & young adults have to die before those who live in the communities at large say to themselves "Enough Is Enough".Does death have to knock on their door?Maybe they've bought into the lie that it's hopeless,that the young won't listen. Depending on Grass root Orgs. to make it happen without the community being involved,will not work.Mothers who've lost their sons to Gun Violence standing on the front line,meanwhile where are the men of the community?When will people get it,our youth & young adults are waiting for us to show up for them.Praying every Sunday at church for help without work equals zip.Yes there are solutions,that can be put into action,so stop saying they won't work.Just be honest with yourself and admit your afraid or a coward or part of the problem.We must "Stand Up",if not us who will stand up for our children?Political figures are not going to do it,this has to be a "People Movement".Strategies such as boycotts,sit ins.Speaking up,"If You See Something Say Something",too many young killers still at large.More attendance at PTA & Community meetings.Donations to Community Orgs..Volunteering when called upon to mentor youth & young adults.A consistent Gun Violence Prevention campaign.Demand that the flooding of Guns in communities be stopped. Working together,not just going along with whats popular.Recognizing when the naysayers speak,they're just distractions.To keep us from the primary agenda.Promoting Critical Thinking Skills is a must,our young need it.Blaming is over,accountability is "What's Up".This is simple stuff,are we that complicated we can't make it happen.I don't believe that.If we want better, then we must do better.We can empower ourselves,by believing we can inspite of the odds.Whats happening in our communities is outrageous,so we must be courageous in order to "Save Our Children"...No Violence-Know Peace!