Monday, June 5, 2017


Why are there so many guns in our communities?These guns are in the hands of our youth & young adults.The killing of babies,teenagers & adults is a everyday occurrence,why?"Too Many Guns".We hear that a child or innocent victim has been shot or killed we pray for the victim and families.Still the killing continues.Now prayer is powerful and if we have that much faith,then lets pray for the courage to "Demand" that guns are stopped from being flooded into our communities."Enough Is Enough of this passive response every time there;s another victim of gun violence in our communities.Guns is killing more people in our communities than drugs.#OurChildrensLivesMatter,the masses of these communities at large must "Demand" greater effort from the Governor,Mayor & Law Enforcement. to reduce the amount of guns being flooded into our communities.We can't afford to allow ourselves to accept the daily killings as normal, hell no.This epidemic has gone on far too long.It will continue,unless we the people who live in these communities.Where our children attend school,play in our neighborhood parks,walk to the store."Demand" and say "Enough Is Enough".Too much focus on the President,he's not killing our children.Our children are killing each other,due the abundance and the availability of guns.We must act now,so keep praying.I hope you pray to get involved,cause your child is not exempt from dying.Due to "Too Many Guns" in your community
No Violence-Know Peace!