Sunday, September 29, 2013


Truth is,We need to take our communities back.
Truth is,We need to be more proactive,instead reactive.
Truth is,Blaming racism doesn't justify not being accountable.
Truth is,Our communities are being sold to the highest bidder.
Truth is,Black businesses in Black communities,are a thing of the past.
Truth is,Black men & Black women are still blaming each other.
Truth is,Black family structure is weak.
Truth is,Gun Violence is a Crisis in America.
Truth is,We're failing our children.
Truth is,We've given up on troubled youth & young adults.
Truth is,Spirituality is a dollar in mega churches.
Truth is,Unity is not happening,due to selfish people.
Truth is,We need jobs.
Truth is,We're hiding in our homes.
Truth is,Guns are being flooded into our communities by those we least suspect.
Truth is,The prison population is growing with our sons & daughters.
Truth is,Teens have guns cause their parent/parents can't protect them from the street violence.
Truth is,Black pride,self respect & love needs to be promoted more.
Truth is,Black men need to step up more in their communities.
Truth is,Self hate is consuming our young folk.
Truth is,Local elected officials have limited power.
Truth is,Genocide is in effect,by way of homicide.
Truth is,People are preying on one another,just to eat.
Truth is,We show up for death,more than we show up for life.
Truth is,We refuse to change our ways.
Truth is,We are allowing the re-gentrification of our communities.
Truth is,Black folk don't believe in themselves anymore.
Truth is,We need to reeducate ourselves.
Truth is,There is no true Black leadership.
Truth is,We consume more than any other race,and still own nothing.
Truth is,The enemy within is us.
Truth is,Anyone who speaks the truth is frowned upon.
Truth is,When we see something,we need to say something.
Truth is,We make too many excuses.
Truth is,We need a kick in our butts,to "Wake Us Up".
Truth is,It's time to teach our youth Critical Thinking.
Truth is,Our troubled youth & young adults need more options.
Truth is,If we stand together,we'll build together.
Truth is,When we demand what we want,we'll get what we want for our communities.
Truth is,There is hope,even though some feel it's hopeless.
Truth is,Sacrifice & commitment is needed for change.
Truth is,Until we change,our conditions won't change.
Truth is,Black women need to stop having babies that they can't take care of.
Truth is,Black men need to be fathers,instead of baby daddies.
Truth is,Denial is detrimental to the advancement of  Black America.
Is all this being done by design "Truth Is" yes.
No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Labor Day weekend 2013 as with previous Labor Day weekends.Babies were killed by reckless shooters.This is what we have allowed to continue in our communities,like clock work.It's so terrible that even a father who witnessed his own 1yr old son's murder.Refuses to cooperate with N.Y.P.D. The question I ask is why?Is it fear of being killed himself or seeking personal revenge himself?Whatever the answer may be,it's still insane to me. Their are many mothers & fathers in NYC,who's children have been killed.The killers of their children remain at large.I truly believe if they knew who killed their child,they would cooperate with N.Y.P.D. to help apprehend the killer.There are so many parents in NYC and other inner city communities in America,who suffer anguish not knowing who murdered their child,along with knowing that there are those that do know and refuse to help.What have we allowed to happen to us as parents in our communities?Where is our courage as a community?Our community cowardice is costing the lives of  our children.Communities living under siege due to gun violence,are sending a message of fear to those responsible for the daily murder of our children.This can't continue,our children's lives are at stake.We as a community cannot allow the death dealers in our communities,to continue to kill our children.Without worry of repercussions. Communities of color a too busy complaining about what others race are doing to them. Meanwhile in those communities of other races if someone see's something, they say something. Communities of color it's time to catch on to being fear less.It's time to start sending a message of we will no longer standby and witness our children be murdered and say nothing. Instead we as a community will stand up and do what's right.No more of empowering murderers in our community,some of whom are children themselves.Local Law-enforcement can't stop it,without community intervention & prevention.Too many children's lives have been lost and no justice served.We march,we rally when one of our own is killed by way of racism.There's anger & outrage.It's way past time for that same enthusiasm when comes to our children,being murdered by those who look like them. We must empower ourselves as a community,and do things differently to save our children's,youth & young adults lives.God helps those who help themselves....No Violence-Know Peace!