Friday, May 24, 2013


Today I attended the home going service of a 14yr old African American young girl.Her life was ended tragically by "Gun Violence".Upon my arrival I immediately notice the high number of youth & young adults.I assume some were friends and friends supporting friends.Some were probably relatives.They filled the entire 2nd level of the Cathedral in which the service was held.As I sat amongst them,I looked into their many faces.There were expressions of sadness,pain,anger and even puzzlement! As I listen to the best friends of the deceased young girl speak of how much they missed her.One nearly collapsing from grief ,I could feel emotions creeping up inside me.But I held it in,I felt I needed to be strong for the young whom I sat amongst. As I continued listen to the different pastors who spoke at the service.There was one pastor who really caught my attention.He stated to the youth in attendance that it wasn't their fault that Gun Violence was killing  our youth & young adults.Still he never said who's fault it was.Was it gangs or drug dealers or even rap music?He called on elected officials who's districts are filled with Gun  Violence to step up their efforts to prevent more death of our youth.I began to realize the fault was ours,for we are not involved in what is going on in our communities as we should be.Some of us have given up on our youth,especially if there not our own children.Some of us somehow believe they are immune to the Plague of Violence in the community.Some are fearful and some are in denial.We as a people who occupy the communities at large are failing our youth.We're showing up for death,when we should be showing up for life.How many more youth have to die,before we decide "it's time to do something different".Other than showing up for death! Now some may disagree with me,which I have no problem accepting.I will ask them this though,to prove me wrong!I don't want to bury my child or yours.What about you? All our youth in our communities need us,not just our own.So here we are today,"Showing Up For Death" again! Now I ask all of you,"what are we going to do tomorrow?...No Violence-Know Peace!