Tuesday, January 26, 2016


President Obama was elected in 2008,facing a "Depression" disguised as a "Recession".He stated it would take 8yrs before America would begin to recover from the Bush administration's destruction of Americas economy.He had to face Wall st.,which was holding America hostage, unless they got a bailout.America would suffer the consequences.Racism had become enraged by the fact that a Blackman lived in the house,they said a Blackman would never live in.Obama's reign began with outright Racial attacks by those who's greatest fear had materialized,A Blackman in the highest office in America.Racism disguised as the "Tea Party" and other entities on a mission to bring President Obama down by any means necessary.President Obama didn't blink at how he was verbally attacked & character assassinated.So racism declared war against Black America,by way of murder of Black America's children. Racism's mission is to destroy Black culture in America.Even if it meant some of their own had to suffer.To them it was just collateral damage.Gun Violence escalated,unarmed Black men & women were being murdered.Racism in America was now enforcing Police state tactics throughout America's inner cities of color.Unemployment was high especially for Black America.homelessness rose to due to the highest rate of foreclosures in America's history.Since being in office,now his second term.President has brought America back from the brink of disaster.Affordable Healthcare Act,Employment has risen,gas is down,E/O's "My Brother's Keeper Initiative" ,"Black Excellence In Education".Gun Sale Prevention Initiatives to prevent the occurring mass shootings happening in suburban America.Now here we are in the 4th QT of the Obama's Presidency. Racism's attack on Black America is relentless,Water Crisis in Flint,Mich.Racist Presidential candidates speaking against people of color and certain religious beliefs.Media fueling the fire with propaganda.Racism is recruiting agents of color to help in bringing Black America down.Black America is fighting back with a "Black Lives Matter" campaign across the country ,to bring justice for the fallen.Racist militia groups occupying land that belongs to Native Americans.Racism's weapon purchases has risen.Are they about to star a race war,maybe.Home grown Racist terror attacks in Black churches,several Black churches burned down.Yes it's the last QT. and the President is using the power of the pen "Veto",to remind Racism who's in charge.Obama has made history as one of America's greatest leaders,the first Blackman to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,Washington DC..Winner of the "Nobel Peace Prize".Racism is greatly afraid of another courageous Black man or woman who can rise to power,as our current President has done.President Obama stated in his last SOTU address that he wasn't done yet,there was still more work to be done.He stated if those in Government who oppose him,refuse to work with him for the betterment of America.He'll get it done without them.Racism right away stated the President is over stepping his ground.How will Racism strike back?By continuing the war against Black culture in America.Remember it's the 4th QT Black America,Racism is about to break more of the rules of the game,dirty tactics & flagrant fouls are in effect.Watch your back Black America,time to send in our best.We got a lot young talent with fresh minds and game plans.Elders & OG's ready to assists in keeping Black Culture in the game of "Living In America".Racism we know how to beat you and send you off the field in defeat. Racism I know your wondering what's Black cultures game plan,we're not tellin. See you on the field..................No Violence-Know Peace!