Saturday, July 25, 2015


With the rash of incidents of Black men & woman dying while in police custody,racially motivated killings in Black churches & burning of Black churches.Some Black folks believe a racial war has been declared against Black people.Angry "Black Conscious" agitators triggering weak minded Black folk emotions to  pick up guns.Religious leaders shouting "Justice Or Else",or else what is what I'd like to know.I guess I'll have to wait until October,2015 like everybody else.Meanwhile Blacks still dying,so I say we don't have any time to waste.Angry Black people calling other Black people "Koons",because they're not  emotionally out of control like they are.Seems to me some Black folk are venting anger on their own culture,more than Racism.So what could be a better plan of action,I ask myself.A action by Black folk that would produce better results,without the loss of life.Something more strategic,simple.Something that could be done ASAP.Something where no shots are fired,something radical.How about "Economic Sanctions",yes that would work.A "Radical Boycott" of Corporate America.Boycotting will be like using a "Nuclear Missile" against Racism in America.Will it work,yes it will.Cause it's fullproof,it has always worked.Now are Black folk ready to use this major power they've been giving away freely for quite sometime now.By way of consumerism.Well I say if Black  folk are really serious in the War Against Racism",then it's time to get serious.A lot of meetings & talk are not needed to "Declare Economic Sanctions".That only delays what needs to be done.Now sure they are going to be some Black folk who won't join in this action,for various reasons.Well I say more power to them,maybe in time they'll "Wake Up".When they see Boycotting works.In the mean time let's do what we need to do,"Enough"of doing what we want to do.Got to tell ourselves the truth,by saying how's that working for us.Boycotting is easy,just buy more of what you need,and less of what you want.Stay committed & consistent,don't allow ourselves to be distracted by agents of color.,this is how you fight Racism.By the way have you noticed it rhymes with Capitalism.....Hmmm.Angry Black folk tactics won't work,Boycotting will.We have proof that it works from the "Civil Rights"campaign.Now lets use it again to level the battle field.Not only will this action address "Racism".The greatest achievement for Black folks in America will be "Economic Empowerment" .

"BOYCOTT NOW,BOYCOTT NOW,BOYCOTT NOW"..........No Violence-Know Peace!