Monday, May 11, 2015


I remember back in da day,when they called Brownsville Bklyn,NY. "Gun Smoke".This was due to the rough & tough community.The gun violence there today has escalated 10x,due to the availability of  fire arms.This is a common problem in most of America's inner cities,especially in communities of color.Guns the new weapon of mass destruction,young Black  men shooting each other.Cops shooting unarmed Black men,armed Black men shooting cops.As the body count continues to rise,there seems to be no significant attempt to stop the flooding of guns into communities plagued with gun violence.My question is why?These communities have gun buybacks every year,this hasn't reduced the amount of guns still in the community nor the killings.With guns still being flooded into the community,reaching the hands of young adults.Why haven't local elected officials demanded from Law enforcement,greater measures be taken to stop the flooding of guns into communities of color.Someone asked me what my view was on the bullet buyback initiative,I felt that question really insulted my intelligence.The gun buyback isn't working,so why would anyone believe.Buying bullets back would work,that's just dumb to me.Or is it just away to appease gullible people.The people greatly effected by this issue have to turn up the heat on local elected officials,demanding the flooding of guns be stopped."By Any Means Necessary".This means not taking no for a answer nor believing false promises.The death toll is too high for compromise.Action must be taken now,greater measures is the solution.People must insist that this be done.Attend your local elected official community meeting and "Turn Up" the demand to stop weapons from reaching the community. Sit ins at city halls and state capitals,everyone  must be involved in this initiative to prevent more death by the gun.This can happen with planning & consistent pressure by the people who's loved ones are being killed.Not only them,the people who haven't been directly effected must also stand in alliance on this agenda.Just as Americans have a right to bear arms,Americans also have a right to live in gun free communities."Gun Smoke" is filling the air in communities of color.Time to clear the air.....No Violence-Know Peace!