Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Since the election of Barack H.Obama,racism has escalated to new heights.Blacks have been brutalized & killed by local law enforcement.These acts of violence have been perpetrated by White officers.Black unarmed men have been targeted by cowardly White officers of the law. Excessive force has become the norm,when it comes to Blacks even woman.When complaints are filed against these officers,the victim rarely receives justice.This is due to more Racism being practiced by the justice system.White people are being treated very differently when they have encounters with law enforcement. I've yet to see a case where Black officers have brutalized or killed a White unarmed man or woman.The nations media also has a intricate part in this,by the way they report and distort the story of what really happened in such incidents.This is 2014 yet this kind of blatant Racism,has the remnants of the 60's during the Civil Rights Movement.Voting rights of Black folks tampered with by racist who will do whatever they have too.To prevent Blacks in certain states from voting,creating bogus rules for ID,intimidation,etc.Racism uses sellout Blacks for their racist agenda.These are the the Blacks who infiltrate Black Movements.And pretend to be part of the movement.Black America is under attack by America's own citizens who are racist.Young Black men going to prison at a astronomical rate.Racism has always been prevalent in America,never has it been this overt since slavery.Blacks suffering from poverty,unemployment,etc.,caused by Racism.The election of a Black man to highest office in America has really angered Racism in America.Racism is so angry that if some of their own suffers,it's just collateral damage to them.Black folks it's time to pull out the blueprints from the 60's Civil Rights Movement,modify them and put them to use to combat racism in America.Blacks must be critical thinkers in the quest for equality,proactive not reactive.It's time to be unpredictable not predictable.It's time once again for a serious "Black Peoples Movement" against Racism and it's horrendous agenda.No more standing by while racist incident after incident against Black folk continues to climb. President Obama will be in office until 2016,God willing.Black folk must act now,by strategy-zing & utilizing ways to combat Racism in America. I charge you Black America to stand up for what is right and best for our culture.We must believe as a majority not as a minority.Boycotts & Sit-ins work,time to put them to real use.We must send a message of no more attacks on our rights as citizens of America. Racism is not in fear of us,nor should we be in fear of Racism.We must not be reckless in our thinking and actions against Racism,cause Racism is counting on it. That Black folk will be unorganized.Racism is afraid of God,so may God lead us spiritually.........No Violence-Know Peace

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Just because you come from the"Hood",don't mean you have to look or act like a "Ratchet Hood Rat Chick". A lot of young Black women are looking more and more like clowns. Some how believing they look good.Green,blue,multi-colored raggedy weaves,that look like 2 cats had a fight in.Obese with tight clothes on,ratchet lipstick color and tattoos everywhere,believing their sexy.Self exploiting themselves,cause they're seeking attention from young Black men.No or very low self esteem.Their conversation is always about some ignorance.Listen my young Black women,real young Black men don't want you.Cause you ain't wifey material.You can't even look in the mirror at the real you.Crazy lookin eyelashes.Some of you believe your what men want.Only men that want you, are the men with the same "Hood Rat"mentality as you.And all they want is what's between your legs.Now let's talk about some of the older Black women who are tryin to look like you,instead of leading by example of what you should look like.Believe it or not they have the same issues you have.What makes it worse is,they're more desperate than you for attention.Cause they're getting older and don't wanna grow up.They would rather be immature than mature.So they practice self exploitation too.Some of them are your mothers.Now some Black women who read this may be offended by this blog,their ignorant mindset will tell them it's just hatin on them.Well no ones hatin,this is a wake up ladies.Some know this is truth and still will be in denial.If your lookin for a real Black man,then it's time to up grade, and get rid of the clown look.If a man or anyone won't pay you any attention,cause of how you look naturally.You don't need them for you to feel good about you.Start exercising self  pride.Raise your self esteem by looking in the mirror at the real you,and saying your beautiful.That you don't have to make yourself up like a clown.You have a choice,being from the "Hood",doesn't mean you have to be a "Hood Rat Chic".Young Black women you represent Black culture.Volunteering to exploit yourselves is not the way to go. I've seen some young Black women who stand out cause they don't look like you.They have a aura of self confidence about the way they look.And they're from the hood too.They display pride in their swagger.I'm writing this cause I care about young Black women who need to be made aware of the fact.That just as clowns are laughed at,you are being laughed at too,Time to have a revelation that,"Self Exploitation" is not the way to go.........No Violence-Know Peace!