Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Lets see for as far as I can remember,most of America's inner city communities have always suffered from some sort of "Plague".In the 60's & 70's it was the Heroin epidemic,which caused serious addiction & death from overdoses.This went on until a certain element of America's society started to be effected by this "Plague".Which led to solutions & action to address the problem.Then there was the 80's and the epidemic of Crack Cocaine & the HIV virus.This caused major damage to most of Americas inner-city communities of color.This drug left families in shambles,also the increase of the prison population.Violence & Death began to escalate,communities began to crumble.The HIV virus was spreading like a wild fire amongst those who were crack addicts,gay & bisexual.Crack addicted children were being born at a enormous rate,resulting with children growing up with mental issues. Today they are the parents of the troubled youth & young adults who are shooting each other down.The HIV virus was also being spread by intravenous drug use.Most of all once again the incarceration & death of Black American males & females began to increase. Again it wasn't until a certain element of Americas society began to be effected by this inner city "Plague",were solutions & actions taken to prevent & stop it.Now there's the 90's to present day.Hold on a second,Drugs & Disease seem to have been the weapons used in inner city communities of Americas,which I believe was a form of "Genocide" to reduce the populations of color in the communities at large.Now where was I,oh yeah the 90's to present day."Gun Violence" the new and effective weapon,which is promoted by various sources.Guns readily available to youth & young adults for self inflicted Genocide.With no end insight to this "Plague" the death toll & prison population has grown a greater level as a result of this. That certain element of America's society,that I mentioned before,is not being effected by this Plague.Is there a pattern here or is it just me? "Gone are the days of flooding the inner city neighborhoods with drugs to control the population.Just make guns available to those who have no value for life and are willing kill their own.This Method is working,the Madness is those who are largely effected by it are allowing to......NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


For as long as I can remember the east coast had their own style in dance,fashion,music & street codes.East coast gangs back in the da day, were not slaughtering each other on a daily basis,like the gangs of today.Families in the community at large could have BBQ's with no worry of shootings.There was more value for life,yes there were turf wars at times,still babies were not casualties as a result of it.Some east coast gangs even protected their neighborhoods.Yes occasionally there were a few deaths.There was even respect for turfs.Guns were not the primary weapon in street rumbles,generally the weapons of choice was fist,knives,bats,chains & a occasional zip gun!Mothers & fathers were not burying their children at the rate they are today.During the 80's "crack" epidemic gun violence began to escalate in the east coast.The murder rate began to rise as did membership in old school gangs begin to diminish,which evolved into drug gangs.The west coast gangs from as far back in the 70's had serious a "gun violence issue,their influence on the east coast began in east coast prisons in the early 90's ,hence the birth of violent street gangs on the east coast,along with the ignorance of the dirty south.Which is the mind set of most troubled youth & young adults involved in gangs on the east coast. I know this was done by design, by those who want to see America's inner city troubled youth kill each other off.Its time for the east coast to get back to being a leader not a follower,perhaps its time to send a new message of change to the west coast & the dirty south,that they have been bamboozled by societies elite,who have a plan that does not include inner city youth gang members or communities of color for that matter.Through awareness & education this can be done.I know this is a tall order,due to the fact of the "crisis of gun violence",economy & social unrest" amongst youth & young adults is at the forefront of the "plague" of community problems  .We start where we stand,this will lead to change for our children as well as adults.we owe it to our young as well as ourselves to change the direction of which our children are being led.Love for our  children and better way of life for them must be a priority.It will be our own fault,if we do not begin to implement "change" now! NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE