Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Dear Angry Blackman,
I used to be you like you.Always angry at society and all it's ills.I let my emotionally charged mindset fuel my reckless behavior & thinking.Always reactive,never proactive.No one could teach me anything,cause I thought I knew everything.Doing the same angry things and always receiving the same angry results.If you didn't think like me,something was wrong with you.Never the problem,still neither the problem solver.So why was I so angry? Lets'see,self inflicted pain,no critical thinking skills.Listening to people who were angry like me.Being a victim of racism.Angry at watching my culture suffer.I thought I could keep justifying being a Angry Blackman. Then one day I had an awakening,you see I had been asleep for quite sometime.I was awaken by those who had been just as angry as me at one time.They taught me how to think different in order to feel and act different.Now yes this was a process,which took time & practice.Now once I made this transition,those angry folk I used to listen to,became angry with me.This is due to me having a healthier mindset.They told me I didn't understand the plight of the Blackman or my culture.How wrong they were,I climbed out of the pit of suffering by my own thinking,which they wanted me to remain in.I'm well aware of what's going on with the plight of Blackmen,I'm a Blackman remember.I can no longer afford to be Angry Blackman.My culture needs critical thinkers,our children are killing each other or being killed by reckless law enforcement,unemployment,whole black families declining,lack of real unity in my culture.Accept for when it's blaming others,and that never last long.I'm disappointed in the fact my culture has not caught on to the fact that the Angry Blackman mindset changes nothing in society or themselves.Yes someone had to wake me up,So this is my way of waking you up.It's as simple as this.We have a Blackman in the White House,who as far as I'm concerned.Has showed us how to handle racism,injustice and constant attacks of every kind.He has never given in to a Angry Black man mindset,to deal with those who want him too.He has kept them off balance by being proactive not reactive.No one can deny it's working.Time to wake up Angry Blackman,ask yourself this question.How's that angry mindset working for you,hopefully you'll answer yourself truthfully.Healthy & critical thinking skills are a must.Society has got you figured out.Due to the repeated Angry Blackman mindset.Change your thinking you will witness change in you & society.No more emotional solutions that don't work.Time to be healthy thinkers and do things different.Give yourself a break,and become willing to let go of the angry mindset.Really what do you have to lose by thinking healthier.I'll tell you what you will lose,that Angry Blackman mindset.
A Blackman who used to be like you

No Violence-Know Peace!