Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The movement for "Black Lives Matter" began near the end of 2014,still incomplete until the Justice system overhauls certain judicial policies.Guns a continuing to be flooded into  communities of color,in Americas inner cities.Stopping of Gentrification Black communities in NYC.Breaking the cycle of single parent homes,promotion of whole families by way of marriage.Prevention of "Racism's" brutal agenda.Supporting our youth &young  adults who are working to change society,for a better future.Continuing the push for Unity in the Black community.Awareness to Empowerment.Motivation by Education.More of walkin the walk,less of talkin the talk.Real love between Black men & woman.Stopping the schools to prison pipeline.More Accountability,less blaming.Making a sacrifice for the good of all.More Anger & Outrage when comes to Gun Violence in Black communities.Self exploitation prevention,perpetrated by trouble youth & young adults.Less sperm donors more Fathers.Giving children chances,some of us never had.Breaking the cycle of being intimidated by self inflicted fear.Turn hopelessness back into hope.Accomplish missions with out being distracted.More reaching back,less looking back.....No Violence-Know Peace!