Saturday, January 21, 2012


This Mid Term Election ,how can we make the power of our vote count?First of all what are the most important issues in our communities that need to be made priorities by our elected officials,who are seeking reelection in our communities in 2014."Gun Violence" the "Plague" that has consumed our communities,by way of our troubled youth & young adults committing self inflicted genocide.Stopping the availability of weapons in our communities.This issue needs to be the number 1 priority,by demanding solutions & commitment in saving our children's lives,in exchange for our votes. Elected officials budgets to be used to fund constructive programs for troubled youth & young adults from low income families,such as education,mentoring,teen pregnancy,after school programs & support of community Orgs.,who's missions are to provide services for troubled youth & young adults.The creation of "Jobs" in our communities.Whoever opens a business in our communities "must hire the people who live in the community at large,this should be a "Policy" in order for businesses to operate in our communities,especially small businesses,such as 99cent stores,etc..The creation of a board of Overseers,who's purpose is to ensure our elected officials keep their promises.Our votes count and are sought after by those who want to be elected or reelected.In 2014 we can change the way we vote by not letting our vote be taken for granted.Any one who's running for office in our communities,needs to show & prove their being elected into office will produce better conditions in our communities.Our taxes pay their salaries and we have to pay taxes.Let election 2014 be year of real change in our communities...NO VIOLENCE=KNOW PEACE!