Friday, June 8, 2012


In 2008 President Obama stated "Yes We Can".Was he just speaking about the Presidency,I think not.
Here's why,how many of us really believed they would witness a Black American man become President of the  U.S.A. in their life time.Not many
The message in "Yes We Can" for Black Americans is this.
Yes We Can rise to the top.
Yes We Can free ourselves from internalized oppression & learned helplessness.
Yes We Can reverse the "Willie Lynch Syndrome".
Yes We Can change our image in America's society.
Yes We Can become better parents.
Yes We Can be "United" in our communities.
Yes We Can Demand better "Education for our children.
Yes We Can Restore Black owned businesses in our communities.
Yes We Can say no to the "Negative" messages pumped through some urban radio stations to our youth & young adults,that promote violence,sex,drugs,false riches & disrespect of women
Yes We Can decrease the "Gun Violence" in our communities.
Yes We Can be accountable for the status we now have in America,and take action to change what we have allowed to happen to our conditions,children & us as a whole.
Yes We Can stand with leaders who stand for us.
Yes We Can make our local politicians accountable for their promises,when running for office.
Yes We Can keep Dr. Kings dream alive.
Yes We Can promote self pride,self respect,self love & the value of life to our babies & youth.
Yes We Can save our troubled youth & young adults,who are called the lost generation,without them where is Black American's future.
Yes We Can love one another unconditionally.
 Yes We Can be our brothers & sisters keeper.
Yes We Can "Keep Hope Alive".
Yes We Can stop going along to get along and stand for something and stop accepting anything.
Yes We Can cause "God" said so!