Thursday, September 7, 2017


For years I've been trying to figure something out.Children and the magic  they possess.Years ago I was going through really tough time mentally & spiritually.My niece who was maybe 4yr or 5yrs old at the time asked me what was wrong.I said I just have a headache.Next thing I know she gives me a big hug and skips away. The way I was feeling simply vanished. I remember looking at her,wondering what did she just do to me.It was as if she drained all the depression out of me.Since then I've experienced the same thing from my daughter.My daughter started it at six months old.What is this gift given from God to our children. Is it magic or spiritual?I believe it's a little bit both.Now as write this,I'm quite sure I'm not unique in my discovery. There's probably many parents who've had the same experience. I've had adults hug me when I was feeling down and it didn't have same effect.We call our children little angels at times,could that be it?If so then what happens as they grow up. Do they lose the magic,make me wonder at times.Perhaps we all had the magic as children,how is it kept though?Perhaps the seed is planted by God at birth and parents nurture the seed with love.Or maybe there's some kind of spiritual connection.All children are born innocent, could that be it.Uncorrupted,pure,unhating,hmmm.So maybe it's not magic after all. Whatever it is we need to find the source.One thing for sure is our children is the key to a spiritual element our society is in dire need of.I'm going to keep searching for answers til I find it..."Thank God For Our Children",we can learn a lot from them if we pay attention!

Monday, June 5, 2017


Why are there so many guns in our communities?These guns are in the hands of our youth & young adults.The killing of babies,teenagers & adults is a everyday occurrence,why?"Too Many Guns".We hear that a child or innocent victim has been shot or killed we pray for the victim and families.Still the killing continues.Now prayer is powerful and if we have that much faith,then lets pray for the courage to "Demand" that guns are stopped from being flooded into our communities."Enough Is Enough of this passive response every time there;s another victim of gun violence in our communities.Guns is killing more people in our communities than drugs.#OurChildrensLivesMatter,the masses of these communities at large must "Demand" greater effort from the Governor,Mayor & Law Enforcement. to reduce the amount of guns being flooded into our communities.We can't afford to allow ourselves to accept the daily killings as normal, hell no.This epidemic has gone on far too long.It will continue,unless we the people who live in these communities.Where our children attend school,play in our neighborhood parks,walk to the store."Demand" and say "Enough Is Enough".Too much focus on the President,he's not killing our children.Our children are killing each other,due the abundance and the availability of guns.We must act now,so keep praying.I hope you pray to get involved,cause your child is not exempt from dying.Due to "Too Many Guns" in your community
No Violence-Know Peace!

Friday, January 20, 2017


President Obama has left the building,America is greatly divided.The new President promising equality for all US citizens.Most of us don't believe him and why should we. We've just witnessed 8yrs of the greatest Presidency America has ever seen.As a believer in good & evil,the war between the two will always be.So where do we go from here,do we cry & whine or do we make some serious changes in how we live and think.First of all what did Black Folks do to capitalize on a Black man being in the "White House" for 8yrs?The hard truth is not much.If some Black Folk believe he didn't do enough for them.When the reality is they didn't do enough for themselves while he was in office.Now what are you going to do,now that he's gone.Will you be courageous and proactive instead of reactive.Will "Unity" become a priority?For if it does our common welfare will come first.Can actions which produce "Economic Empowerment" be done without compromise.President Obama in his farewell speech stated about the power of "Citizen",were you listening? I was listening and I heard him and it's crystal clear to me what he meant.Time to use the power of the "Citizen",cause if we do major change will  happen for Black folk across America.President Obama also stated he wasn't sure he could pull it off when elected the 44th President of the US,he stepped office in saying "Yes We Can".He exited saying Yes We Did" and as a "Citizen" "Yes We Will".I'm ready are you?