Monday, July 30, 2012


As black-man in America,it seems to me .African Americans like complaining & critiquing about anything that may bring change for conditions such as the Presidents Executive Order-White house Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.I believe if the E/O pertained to another ethnic group.The cry would be "What About Us".Then there are those  who need to say or reveal what team they're on.When we don't receive anything,we cry & complain.When we do receive something,we scrutinize it without giving it a fair chance.This is one of the reasons we are still stuck in neutral.It's a fact we need better education,the mere fact that a Executive Order has been signed is a major plus for African Americans.Quiet as kept this is our time and we're blowing it,by sabotaging our own advancement with indecision,not being proactive.Instead we're being reactive.We're listening to those who have their own agenda,not our agenda.We cannot afford to allow the agents of separation divide us as a people.It's time for a lot of us to catch on and stop allowing our progress to be stunted by those who believe they have arrived and in order to keep what they have,their secret mission is to keep us separated & distracted with their opinions & propaganda.A educated African American man or woman who will not sellout can help bring African Americans to the status we need to have in America.We have a prime example of this and their living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.