Friday, November 16, 2012


Since the reelection of President Obama,I've heard stories of vindictive actions against African Americans by those who believe they somehow are above African Americans.Well it's time for a reminder about African American's history in America.Who built the White House & this country,we did by way of slavery and blood sweat & tears.Lest not forget the inventions and medical contributions "Vindictive America" benefited from.The vindictive soul of racist America has chosen to forget or doesn't care about our contributions to America.The Forefather's of Americas Racism time is short,so they breed more like themselves to continue their legacy.The rude awaking they're experiencing is their own is turning on them.This is something they thought would never happen,just like a blackman in the White House.They have become desperate in their attempt to keep people of color oppressed.African Americans are a resilient & forgiving race of people,sometimes I believe we are too forgiving.To be successful in America,African Americans have always had to go to any lengths to succeed,even if it meant selling out their own.The guilt of your past keeps you in denial about yourselves "Vindictive America",You owe African Americans Reparations,which we have yet to receive.It's a shame how you give to those who where not born here,the ways & means to live comfortable in this country.Meanwhile still creating traps for African Americans,such as allowing guns to be flooded in urban communities.Which helps your "New Jim Crow" agenda to thrive.There are those of us African Americans who are on to you,we will continue to bring awareness to African Americans,just like the Jews came here and made their way,so shall we.A African American President is only the beginning,so hate us if you will. God has declared "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!Hate yourselves for your atrocities against us throughout the history of America......No Violence-Know Peace!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Now that President Barack Obama has been reelected for another 4yrs. There has been joy,disappointment,anger, & hate.America is divided by race not politics,this is my reality.This is not at all surprising to me.Those who's candidate did not win,are saying America will not sustain itself,unless this country is lead by a white person.These same  people hide their racism behind political rhetoric,knowing damn well they're racist.Many Americans of all races are relieved by the result of the Presidential election,knowing that the leadership we have in America is the leadership we need.Hate the fuel that feeds racism will tell racist to vote for someone who does not have Americas best interest in their heart.That someone was counting on America's racism to win them the election.Well racism was defeated.Now racism is desperate and will try to antagonize or pick a fight in various ways.Through media,social networks,etc.Now if you ask me how I feel about racist,my answer is I have empathy for their ignorant & hateful souls.Greed led by racism is in the process of crumbling.For America to be strong,we must stand with each other,not one race standing over another.Is that Democracy,no it isn't. When America is attacked on it's home soil,we stand together as Americans (example 911).It is time to stand together for the betterment of America and not let the beast of racism tear our nation apart.
No Violence-Know Peace!